Friday, September 30, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- Last Friday In September Edition

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Well TransGriot readers, it's the last day in September in a year that is going by pretty quickly.

With October starting tomorrow, it means we are in the homestretch of the 2016 presidential election contest.  It also means we are weeks away from Halloween, Thanksgiving in Canada and the USA, Election Day, and Christmas.

We have a few weeks before we get to October 10, October 31, November 8, November 24 and December 25, but today is September 30, and it's time to call some fools out.

It's the latest edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

FYI, for those of you wondering why I haven't called Donald Trump out lately, he's already locked down the 2016 Shut Up Fool of the Year Award, but he won't officially get it until New Year's Eve.

Besides, it's too easy to give it to him every week when as Mr. T says, fools are everywhere, and you need to know who they are.

Honorable mention number one is to all the Beckys being busted on social media for posing with racist blackface photos   Just say no to Blackface.  Your future self and your future post collegiate career prospects will thank you for it.

Honorable mention number two is Mary J. Blige, who seems to think that being polite and compliant will keep us from getting shot by KKKiller KKKops .   Nope, hasn't worked so far.
Ask the families of Philando Castile and others how well that worked.

Honorable mention number three is Wake County NC sheriff Donnie Harrison, who let loose his transphobic bigot and seems to think that parents should be notified when a trans child uses the bathroom.

Really?  Gee, I wonder what party he belongs to?

Honorable mention number four is MSNBC's Chuck Todd, for letting loose the idiotic comment that Hillary Clinton was 'over prepared' for Monday's debate.

Yo Chuck, I'd rather my future POTUS be 'over prepared' than overwhelmingly clueless and ignorant. Have a whole section of seats at FedEx Field and STFU.

Honorable mention number five is the CDC, for putting out an infographic on TBLGQ violence that erases the trans community

Honorable mention number six is (hopefully) former Tulsa PD officer Betty Shelby, who is making the jaw dropping WTF claim that she was 'temporarily deaf' when she shot and killed Terence Crutcher.

Any lie to justify shooting Black people, huh?

This week's Shut Up Fool award winner is Tomi Lahren, who every time she opens her mouth makes blondes with brains cringe along with any reality based American.

Tomi Lahren (Facebook)In her latest idiotic outburst on The Blaze she stated that cops will continue to shoot Black people until they renounce Black Lives Matter.

Really fool?   Wherever you're getting your wash and set done, either that peroxide is affecting your brain or the white privilege and massive ignorance you're swimming in  .

Tomi Lahren, shut up fool.

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