Monday, September 05, 2016

Happy Labor Day 2016

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Happy Labor Day, TransGriot readers!

This long weekend off to celebrate the last days of summer and allow to to hit the sales, take that last trip of the summer season, chill out and watch an orgy of college football is brought to you by the labor movement.

It is the labor movement that created this day to celebrate the social and economic achievements of the movement here in the USA and Canada.

And yeah, our Canadian cousins spell it a different way.   It's Labour Day in the Great White North.

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After several states passed legislation starting in 1887 to recognize the Labor Day holiday, and act was passed by Congress in 1894 to make the first Monday in September a holiday,

So hope you are enjoying your holiday.  I know I'm definitely enjoying mine after my fave college team shocked the world again and beat Oklahoma.  

But once it's over, it back to work until Thanksgiving.   That day comes next month in Canada, but not until November for us.    And I hope to as I'm carving some turkey giving thanks that the sane American voters come out 63 days from now and I hear the words 'President-elect Hillary Clinton,'

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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