Sunday, November 18, 2007

Transgender Day Of Remembrance-The Peeps We've Lost

We are rapidly approaching a solemn day in which we transgender people and our allies memorialize the people we lost this year to anti-transgender violence.

I'm beginning a week of posts to commemorate the TDOR, and I'll start it with posting some photos in memory of the 200 plus people we've lost over the nine years we've been doing these events. Thanks to Barney and HRC, that list is only going to grow longer.

I want to point out as well that 70% of the people on the Remembering Our Dead site are people of color. May we NEVER forget the people whose lives were tragically taken away from us.

Stephanie Thomas and Ukea Davis

Nizah Morris

Chamelle Pickett

Chareka Keys

Tyra Hunter

Rita Hester

Amanda Milan

Gwen Araujo

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