Monday, November 05, 2007

Dirty Tricks In KY Governor's Election

Fairness Campaign Urges Kentuckians To VOTE November 6 and To Report Illegal Phone Calls

Desperate opponents of Steve Beshear have stooped to a new low by using deceptive automated telephone calls falsely representing themselves as the Fairness Campaign. Fairness has received dozens of calls from concerned Kentuckians who have reported receiving these misleading and inaccurate phone calls.

The Fairness Campaign has issued the following statement: “We believe Kentuckians are looking for a governor who will work to bring Kentuckians together to improve the lives of all people in the Commonwealth. That’s why CFAIR, the Committee for Fairness and Individual Rights, has endorsed Steve Beshear for Governor. These last minute dirty-tricks should remove any doubt about who fair-minded Kentuckians should elect as their next Governor on November 6.”

Neither CFAIR nor the Fairness Campaign are making any automated calls in this election. Voters who receive an inappropriate call should report it to the Secretary of State’s Office (502) 564-3490, the Attorney General’s Office (502) 696-5300, and their local Board of Elections (Jefferson County: (502) 574-6100).


Jackie said...

Monica, remember Pat Boone? I didn't know this crooner was still active in the world. Alexandra Billings has a post up about his latest antic, a PSA for the GOP Kentucky candidate for governor. Unbelivable homophobia.

Monica Roberts said...

But not unexpected. Ernie was losing in the double digits.

They even got a ruling allowing them to post the Ten Commandments in the state capitol on the eve of the election and tried to play the 'Beshear took the Ten Commandments out of the classroom car.'

When that didn't work they resorted to an old GOP ploy, hatin' on GLBT peeps.

They referred to Beshear and Mongiardo as 'San Francisco Treats' and tried the 'hate on libruls' card as well.