Thursday, November 15, 2007

Romijn Keen To Be 'True' Transsexual

November 15, 2007

Rebecca Romijn was so determined to accurately portray a transsexual in the hit TV show 'Ugly Betty', she asked her transgender pals for acting tips.

The actress, who plays transsexual Alexis Meade in the comedy series, was desperate not to come across as a man in drag and wanted her character to be as glamorous as possible.

She says, "I have several transgender friends, so a lot of choices I've made, especially early on, were made with them in mind.

"One of my close friends is a man who became a woman and she's as feminine as any biological women you've ever met. Another, I didn't realize was transgender until I'd known her for years.

"I felt this role was an incredible opportunity, something that hadn't been done on primetime TV."

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Maddie H said...

I'm not sure what "true transsexual" means. It sounds like Rebecca has her heart in the right place, but I know from experience that can still go wrong. It doesn't look like she's going to slide into the nasty stereotypes, though.

OTOH, I haven't watched Ugly Better, so I couldn't really say anything else.

Monica Roberts said...

I watch Ugly Betty, and ever since she has come on to do Alexis, it has been a dead-on accurate portrayal of some of the issues transpeople go through.

Maddie H said...

In that case, I will definitely check Ugly Betty out.

Plus: I hate my late late night typos. It's like my brain actively sabotages my spelling.

Jackie said...

Kudos to Rebecca for wanting to do Alexis with as much authenticity as she can. It's good that this character is on a top prime time show.
Next, I want to see more trans actors playing trans roles AND trans actors playing non trans roles. In other words, if they are good, give them the darn job.