Friday, March 01, 2013

Women's History Month 2013 Includes Us Trans Women, Too!

 With today being March 1, it's the start of Women's History Month.

For the next 31 days we'll focus our history attention on the groundbreaking achievements and accomplishments of women of all races, creeds and colors.

And yes, trans women, and especially trans women of color do have something to contribute to this discussion.

We are 60 years past the date when Christine Jorgensen stepped off her SAS flight from Copenhagen into the white hot media spotlight in New York as the first post World War II trans person to get media attention.

That recognition of our contributions to women's history has been far too slow in coming for African-American trans women, but it hasn't stopped us from doing what we had to do to fight for our humanity, recognition of our femininity, while lifting ourselves up and the communities we interact with at the same time.   

From Marsha P Johnson, Miss Major, Dr. Marisa Richmond to 21st century transwomen such as Janet Mock, Isis King, Laverne Cox and others like your humble blogger who are blazing trails today for the next generation of trans kids to follow, Women's History Month also includes our long time contributions to uplifting others as we climb and telling our fascinating stories as we do so.  

We also have women such as Lucy Hicks Anderson, Avon Wilson, Tenika Watson, Georgia Black, Lady Java, Ajita Wilson, Tona Brown, Carlett Brown. Patricia Underwood and countless others who have either fascinating stories to tell, made history in their own right or fought for their own dignity, respect and human rights.

And we can't forget our trans sisters who are no longer here or our international trans sisters like Naomi Fontanos, Sass Rogando Sasot, Audrey Mbugua, Jowelle De Souza or Mia Nikasimo, .

So yes, for the next 31 days, Women's History Month also includes the stories of trans women, too..   

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