Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moni's Getting On The Bus-To Dallas

I'm flipping the travel script for this trip to deliver the keynote speech for the Black Transmen, Inc conference.   Instead of heading to either Hobby or Intercontinental airport to initiate my travel to Dallas, I'm taking the bus. 

The Megabus that is.

As you read this, I'm at the downtown pickup point for Megabus awaiting my 1 PM CDT departure to Dallas.    

I've seen the Megabus a few time at its downtown pickup point when I'm coming through METRO's Downtown Transit Center or passing it when I'm riding the light rail that passes by it.   I've done a long bus trip from Louisville to Houston and back so I'm curious to see what traveling by Megabus is like.

It's scheduled for four hours, which is about the time it would take me to drive from Houston to Dallas up I-45, so that's a good sign.   It's also been a while since I done the trip on terra firma from Houston to Dallas, so I'll get the opportunity to see just how much the scenery has changed between the two cities.

 See y'all in a few hours, Dallas. 

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