Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jamaican Girls Like Us Standing Up For Their Rights In Ad Campaign

We Are Jamaicans - WhitneyThose of us in the US and elsewhere across the African Diaspora have watched in horror the last few years as our Jamaican trans sisters have been brutalized and mistreated for daring to live as their true selves.

J-FLAG back on January 17 launched the We Are Jamaicans video campaign which seeks to encourage respect and understanding for transgender, bisexual, lesbian and gay  (TBLG ) people on that island nation and raise awareness about BTLG identity and the community.

Two of the people who are taking part in that J-FLAG sponsored campaign are girls like us Whitney and Tiana Miller

What you ladies are and always will be in addition to being Jamaican is part of the diverse mosaic of human life.  Thank you for stepping up to courageously tell your stories and being willing to be visible representatives for the Jamaican trans community in this important GLBT rights ad campaign. 

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