Monday, March 11, 2013

Jenifer's Running Again!

I am happy to hear that my H-town homegirl Jenifer Rene Pool is going to make another run at Houston history in this election cycle and attempt to become the first transperson elected to public office here.

I chronicled Jenifer's run for an at large council seat in the 2011 election cycle, and she kicked off her campaign on Valentine's Day for the City Council at large Position 3 seat.  

Jenifer had a crowded ten candidate field to navigate in her 2011 city wide race but garnered 7,104 votes to finish seventh.

It's two years later and she is gearing up to chase history once again.   For those of you in the Houston city limits and you want things to get better for trans peeps here, this is a way to help make that happen. 

You have more than enough time before November 5 to get busy getting registered to vote if you aren't already or double checking your registrations in advance of that election. 

Jenifer is also going to need your time, sweat equity, some cash out of your wallets and purses, your votes and basically you to do whatever you can to help get out the vote and help get one of our own trans peeps elected to the Houston City Council

Here's hoping that Election Night 2013 has a much better result and we are watching her make a historic victory speech.  

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