Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rewriting The All-Time TransGriot Traffic Record Books

One of the things I've been happy about during this sometimes sad week for me was seeing my all time TransGriot traffic records spike to record levels.

My traffic is starting to recover from the hit it took when Computer Prime died last month and it has been fluctuating between the 3,500-5,000 hits per day range.

The 'Why The Transgender Community Hates HRC' post I wrote back in 2007 went viral this week and as a result of people and a few major blogs linking to it,  my traffic zoomed to unprecedented levels in the seven year history of this blog.  

And yes people, I am currently working on a sequel to that post.

Starting on March 25, the old one day all time traffic record of 9678 that was set on April 3 of last year was obliterated when 18,990 people surfed over to the blog on that day.  

The next day, March 26 saw that new standard fall when 39,027 peeps surfed by TransGriot.   Even with the Easter weekend approaching on March 27 I had a total of 28,893 people visit the blog that day and on March 28 another 14,756 people stopped by my cyberhome.  Even though yesterday was Good Friday, had 8,550 people surf by to check out my writing . 

So thanks TransGriot readers for an amazing record-breaking few days that has totally reshuffled my all time top five TransGriot traffic days.   And for those of you who are just being introduced to my blog during this period, I invite you to stop by more often.

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