Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dyssonance Debunks More Bug Lies

Y'all know how much I love Dyssonance, especially when she has fun debunking and effortlessly destroying ignorance from the rad phlegm ranks.

Definitely had to signal boost this latest post of her taking down the odious as she calls her Cockroach (and the rest of us as the whyte radfem trans oppressor from Maryland) we all know and loathe

So once again rad fems who claim you don't agree with what the TERF's (trans exclusionary radical feminists) spew on their hate sites, when are y'all going to get off your behinds and do your part to call them out? 

Better yet, if you're serious that they don't belong in your feminist ranks, how about working to get them declared by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group?  

Here's a taste of Toni's latest brilliance.

Now, I’m going to point this out to you right off the start: She says two things in her 4th paragraph that pretty much prove she is a lying sack of shit in her fifth one and since she builds her arguments on the premise there, she basically is using the model she’s grown accustomed to using that makes it so easy for me to shit all over her.

She says, pointedly, that she doesn’t know if the study is well done or not. She also says she isn’t a statistician.

Well, I am, and looking at the study (studies, actually, if she’d bothered to really do any sort of actual research into the powerpoint) is something that strikes me as a minimum requirement if you are going to talk about it. So we already know that I have a slightly higher standard for such things than she does, but her goal is demonzation and repeating and reinforcing stigma because of her irrational and aversive bigotry, so of course she is going to reduce her standards.

Besides, she’s a lawyer, that’s what they do, especially while throwing people out of their homes.

Since she doesn’t know if the study is done particularly well, how can she determine that the methodology wasn’t done well? For the study to be done particularly well the methodology needs to be so. That’s pretty much the basics, and the study in question has held up to scrutiny from people far more suited to picking it apart than she has the capability of doing.

You can read the rest of her post 'Cockroach Lies Some More'

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