Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moni's 2013 NCAA Men's B-Ball Bracket

March Madness is upon us once again and for the 75th year the NCAA men's basketball tournament is being contested.   68 teams begin playing for that trip to the ATL April 6-8 and for the opportunity to be the last ballers standing on the floor of the Georgia Dome.

They have the dream they want to make a reality of  cutting down the nets and holding up the NCAA championship trophy. 

For the first time since 1977, none of those 68 teams including my beloved UH Cougars will be from Texas.   Kentucky, who won it all last year won't be in the tournament either and they have to deal with the fact that the hated Louisville Cardinals travel that 70 miles on I-64 east to open their 2013 NCAA tournament run at Rupp Arena .  

All that one and done recruiting finally caught up with the Cats this year (snicker, snicker)   

For the ones that did make it, it's time for me to try to pick in a wild year on the collegiate men's basketball side who will be the champion.   Last year I picked the eventual NCAA men's champion in Kentucky, but even the Geico caveman could see that coming.   

Here's my March Madness Men's B-Ball picks if you want to see how well I did (or didn't do) in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011

So let's get busy with this year's edition of Moni's NCAA men's brackets.

First Four Games
St Mary's, North Carolina A&T, Boise State, James Madison 

Midwest Regional

Second Round
Louisville, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Saint Louis, Memphis, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Duke

Third Round
Louisville, Saint Louis, Michigan State, Duke

Elite Eight
Louisville, Duke

Midwest Regional Champion

South Regional

Second Round
Kansas, North Carolina, VCU, Michigan, UCLA, Florida, San Diego State, Georgetown 

Third Round
North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, Georgetown

Elite Eight
North Carolina, Georgetown

South Regional Champion
North Carolina

East Regional

Second Round
Indiana, NC State, UNLV, Syracuse, Butler, Marquette, Illinois, Miami 

Third Round
Indiana, Syracuse, Marquette, Miami

Elite Eight
Indiana, Miami

East Regional Champion

West Regional

Second Round
Gonzaga, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Arizona, New Mexico, Notre Dame, Ohio State

Third Round
Gonzaga, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Notre Dame

Elite Eight
Gonzaga, Notre Dame

West Regional Champion
Notre Dame

Final Four Teams
Louisville, North Carolina, Indiana, Notre Dame

Championship Game
Louisville, Indiana

2013 NCAA Champ

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