Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whyte Womyn Gone Wyld Hatin' On #Girlslikeus Twitter Tag

The #Girlslikeus Twitter hashtag created by Janet Mock celebrated its one year anniversary yesterday and as usual, any time we create something positive for our trans feminine community, the Whyte Women Gone Wyld as they have for the last 40 years have disco danced over to dip nasty cups of vanillacentric hate in our Kool-Aid.

For whatever reason, they're mad because nobody wants to see them on TV, interview them on the radio or they can't get vacation time to go to MichFest, the TERF's (trans exclusionary exterminationalist radical feminists) are hustling over to their computers, dipping into their white supremacist heritage and posting nasty messages on the #girlslikeus Twitter hashtag aimed at Janet Mock. 

They are going to their tired tactics of attempting to provoke a trans community response they'll trumpet on their (should have been declared by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate sites) low hit count hive mind websites as 'proof' they are the 'innocent victims' being attacked.

Yeah, you're 'innocent victims' all right. Y'all been watching too much Fox Noise.  It has also not escaped my attention how you're resorting to aiming racist comments at Janet as well, a woman who has far more dignity and class in her pinky fingers than the whole rotten rabble of you.  

Hey TERF's don't start none, won't be none. You crying white women's tears because I'm publicly calling your asses out (ho hum, again) about your nekulturny behavior won't work in this situation because y'all started it. 

And y'all know how much I gleefully enjoy nuking trolls, especially passive-aggressive racist ones spouting trans exterminationalist claptrap. 

Duck and cover, fools.    

It's also hilarious to me that despite all your hatred, misgendering slanderous speech, quasi-scientific papers designed to deny us human rights, demonizing us, lying to politicians with the goal of cutting us out of human rights legislation and the other foul crap you've done over the last 40 years in the name of feminism, and still we trans women rise as the arc of the moral universe continues to bend toward justice for trans women everywhere.

And what's even more hilarious to me is that even your own fellow haters like Julie Bindel are calling y'all 'rabid maniacs' and distancing themselves from you.

So what we need our trans allies and transpeople around the world to do is take a moment out of your day to piss off a TERF and tweet something positive on the #girlslikeus Twitter hashtag in support of trans women. 

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