Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moni's At The March HISD Board Meeting

I talk about intersectionality a lot on this blog.   I also talk about the fact that I interact and intersect with a lot of communities besides just the trans one.  I also have policy and other issue interests besides trans human rights ones.

I talked about in the Saving JJ post about HISD's attempt to consolidate my old high school with one of our rivals in Ross Sterling.   It was a plan they attempted to shadily blitz through at the last minute and we raised enough of a stink to get the high school consolidation part of it tabled for now. 

I practice what I preach about intersectionality, and to prove it, here's video of the March 7 HISD school board meeting.   You'll see some trans blogger y'all know and love speaking during this board meeting.

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