Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shouldn't Need To Show ID To Pee

TransGriot Note:  When I'm upset or pissed about something, I express it sometimes with my poetry.  Been a while since I've written one about an issue that deeply angered me enough to get to the point I'm spitting rhyming lines. 

SB 1432, the Arizona unjust 'Papers to Pee' bill qualifies as a catalyst for this latest poetic creation.

An MKR Poem

For sixty years we've been free
As transpeople to go and pee
In the bathroom that matches our identity
And this wasn't a problem until recently

Now you haters wanna jack with that tranquility
Because we're gaining trans human rights equality
Used a tactic from the white supremacist dustbin of history
And attacked trans people's humanity

Radical feminist fools and sacrilegious right wing shills
Labeling trans rights laws 'bathroom bills'
Heaping upon transpeeps around the nation
A massive helping of discrimination.

Arizona legislator John Kavanagh
Took the trans hate one step too far
With the unjust bill that's cis tyranny
And would force trans people to show papers to pee

Whether you're a trans mister or miss
All we need to do in the bathroom is poop or piss
So Kavanagh please explain to me
Why transpeople need to show an ID to pee?

As is being trans isn't a big enough life stressor
Now comes this GOP legislative oppressor
Six months in jail and a $2,500 fine
For using the bathroom?  Are you out of your mind?

Is this the way the GOP wields legislative clout?
Is this the 'small government' you rail about?
Seems like conservatives aren't having fun
Unless they're actively hating and oppressing someone

Kavanagh needs to step back and chill
And spike this oppressive and unjust bill
Because it's obvious to everyone who yearns to be free
That you shouldn't need to show ID to pee    

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