Friday, January 18, 2008

Why I'm STILL Boycotting Jamaica

I wrote a post a few months ago in the wake of hearing about the ugly wave of anti-GLBT violence in Jamaica that called for a boycott of Jamaican products and tourism to the island until they clean up their act down there.

As I checked my comments this morning I discovered one from 19 year old Shellie-Ann Anderson. Seems like the homegirl from Jamaica didn't like that post and left this comment on it.

batty bwoy fi get buss ass fi true.
unnu too raasclaat nasty and friggin fool.

if unnu nuh waan nobody lick unnu dung unnu keep unnu homo self to unnu self and mek peace remain as much as possible.

Yo Shellie-Ann, are they teaching y'all how to hate on GLBT peeps as part of the high school technology curriculum in Jamaica these days?

And how would you like it if I disrespected you and posted some BS like that on YOUR blog?

Ever since those Southern Baptist missionaries went to Jamaica and several African nations in the 90's, things have been jacked up in those countries ever since.

Maybe you should reread the last paragraph of the winning essay you wrote for that contest the Gleaner published.

We should simply be given guidelines for Internet use that we may choose wisely and ensure that our online experiences are healthy, productive and safe.

Was what you posted in the comment section on my blog healthy or productive?

First lesson to you little girl, is never piss off an activist. Especially an activist that has a blog with an international readership.

I am repeating my call to boycott all Jamaican products. If you're on a cruise and the ship stops at a Jamaican port, stay on the boat. If you wish to vacation in the Caribbean, travel to some destination other than Jamaica.

Shellie-Ann, you can hate on me or any other GLBT person either in your homeland, your hometown of May Pen or elsewhere online. But you and your country are the ones who'll lose in the end. I can afford to take international vacations, and I'll be damned if I spend one penny of my hard earned cash in a country that doesn't respect the lives of my fellow GLBT people.

The bottom line is that we are human beings just like you. Not only are we not going away, we are tired of the homophobic and transphobic BS coming from you and your fellow countrybigots, and it needs to stop.


Jackie said...

So young and so full of hate already. Pitiful.
I will never spend a penny for anything Jamaican and will encourage others to do the same.

Monica Roberts said...


Sad isn't it.

Unknown said...

How very sad indeed and very depressing. Her mind is closed and it will be very hard to ever open it again.

I join in you boycott and will urge everyone I know to do the same

HannahPet said...


I would really appreciate being removed from this forum. I can assure you that, although I am heterosexual and believe it is wrong to be gay and even far worse to embrace the 'transgender' concept, I have left no such comment on your blog and do not wish taking credit for it.

Thanks and best regards,
Shellie Ann

Monica Roberts said...

Yep Shellie, you did, and since you went there by insulting me with the 'batty boy' comment when I did nothing to provoke you, then you follow it up months later with another pseudo-religious homophobic rant ending with an insult to me once again, your comments are stays up as an example of the level of anti-GLBT hatred sadly endemic to your island home.