Thursday, January 03, 2008

Moni's Make Me Laugh Movies

Whenever I'm in one of those moods that even Blue Bell won't get me out of (like I was during the Christmas holidays), I have a few movies stashed in my ever expanding DVD collection that are guaranteed at minimum to put a smile on my face or make me double over in laughter.

So what are those movies? Glad you asked inquiring TransGriot reader!

Here's Moni's Make Me Laugh Movie List. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? is definitely going to to be added to this list once it comes out on DVD.

1-Blazing Saddles

2-Fast Times At Ridgemont High

3-The Blues Brothers

4-Undercover Brother

5-House Party


7-Next Friday

8-Friday After Next

9-Animal House

10-Hollywood Shuffle

11-I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

12-Ace Ventura Pet Detective

13-The Brothers

14-Soul Plane

15-School Daze

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