Friday, January 18, 2008

How Low Will They Go?

That rap song was playing in the back of my mind when I saw the video report about a crossdressed man allegedly walking into the women's changing room of a Gaithersburg health club.

The Bushies like to brag that they create their own reality. Sounds like the Forces of Intolerance in Montgomery County, MD borrowed a page from their slimy playbook.

Faced with the fact they've only collected 5,000 signatures and a looming February 4 deadline to gather 25,000 signatures of Montgomery County residents in order to force a repeal referendum on the recently passed transgender protections, Citizens for a Responsible Government, the local representatives of the White Citizens Council (oops, Family Research Council) and the Concerned Men (Women) of America decided in the absence of such incidents to back up their lies by creating one of their own.

One of the things our opponents consistently underestimate the transgender community about is our political savviness, our intelligence and our PR skills. The last thing any Montgomery County area transperson would want to do is create an incident during this time period, when the law doesn't even take effect until February 20, that these bigots could seize on, beat us over the head with and jeopardize the law.

As far as the 'crossdressed men invading women's locker rooms to molest and rape you' feces laden drivel they've been pushing as a scare tactic, let me school you on something. If a man wants to go into a women's locker room to commit that type of crime, he isn't gonna waste time dressing in drag to do so. He'll just barge in and do the foul deed.

I just hope the sleazy tactic fails and the wiser citizens of Montgomery County will see through it.


Genaro Urso said...

Monica as always I enjoyed your post today. Let me first say that the use of scare tactics is as old as repression its self. When someone spoke out during the Crusades they were burned at the stake as a heretic. During the reconstruction period the justification of many lynching’s was that a black man was looking at a white woman and because they viewed African Americans as perverted. Many were lynched for lusting after a white woman when there only crime was being black and in the south.

The Christian Wrong has found ways to nail home their point by 1 making us afraid and 2 whom to blame for it. Where are these people that write and volunteer their time for such petitions when the very same clergy are molesting our children. When coaches are fondling the young athletes they are supposed to protect. Where is the out cry when Boy Scouts are molested. Sex crimes are disproportionately committed by heterosexuals. The amount of gay related sex crimes is a small percentage of the populous. In most cases sex crimes are committed by the sexually repressed and there only outlet is to take out there frustration on the innocent to keep there secret. People who use fear tactics to support there arguments usually means there standing on quick sand and need to produce a imaginary foundation to set there soap box on.

I apologize if I went on a rant on your blog I was just making a point. I just hope you don’t have a blizzard this week or the may blame it on transgender legislations and offending God.

Monica Roberts said...

Hey, I don't mind rants.

As long at they are based on logic, reason and something intelligent to say ;)