Thursday, January 17, 2008

There She Goes Again

Just when I was about to give The View's Sherri Shepherd props for calling out Elisabeth Hasselbeck on her 'Hillary Clinton is evil' conservarant, Sherri blows whatever cool points she'd begun to earn with me with her comments about Patti Labelle.

While commenting on the Stellar Awards, she mentions taking a picture with gospel legend Shirley Caesar and ' the Black Patti Labelle'.

I know she's knowledge challenged at times, but damn, even I had to do a double take when I saw this clip.

Whoopi reminded you, so will I and probably 'errbody' else in the blogosphere and beyond. Miss Patti is DEFINITELY a sistah and a beloved icon to the African-American GLBT community.

I'll say it again. Sherri Shepherd is an embarrassment to our people.


Genaro Urso said...

She is embarrassment to the human race as well. You are not alone in your opinion this is a official statement from her web site.

I really appreciate the well wishes and encouragements, but due to some of the negative emails & shocking graphics that folks have put up, I have to dismantle the message board. If anyone would like to contact me, they may write to Sherri Shepherd The View 320 W. 66th St. NY NY 10023

Monica Roberts said...

The remedy for her problem is a relatively simple one.

Pick up books on a regular basis and READ them.

Genaro Urso said...

I enjoy your sense of humor it reminds me of my own.