Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yo SCC, Why So Quiet On HB 583?

And I'm interested in knowing what the Southern Comfort Conference thinks about this revolting development, especially in light of the fact they just moved their convention from the ATL to Fort Lauderdale for the next three years.
TransGriot, March 10, 2015, Unjust Florida Anti-Trans Bill Clears Subcommittee

Well, it's been a 21 days since I asked that question, and as of yet there has been radio silence coming from the Southern Comfort Conference about that revolting development that could really frack with their conference that has moved to Ft. Lauderdale from the ATL where it was founded for the next three years

You would think that Southern Comfort would at least say something or even put out a press release making their feelings known about an unjust bill that would dehumanize their customers and have the potential to make people stay home instead of being there from September 29-October 3.

You would think that SCC would point out how much economic impact our T-bills pack, why they moved the conference from Georgia to there, and the folly of dissing and dehumanizing people who would like to spend money in your state.   But then again, I had to call them out on the problematic proposal of a 'Gone With The Wind' theme for the 2008 event.

So why so quiet abut HB 583, which has the potential for deterring your potential attendees of even coming if they have to face the prospect of being arrested for using the bathroom?

This is the time for bold leadership and action against an unjust bill that deleteriously affects our community, not cricket chirping silence.  The trans community, the country and the world are waiting.

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