Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Air Marshal Has Landed In DC Again

Y'all can breathe again Mom and H-town.

The Air Marshal has landed again in Washington DC, but this is once again another one of those in and out business trips in which the only sightseeing I'll be doing is as I'm passing stuff on final approach to DCA, in a van, car or on a Washington Metro train.

And yeah, I refuse to call this airport Reagan National.   Hated his racist azz.

I'm back inside I-495 for a Trans Persons of Color Coalition board meeting.  But I'm having to battle Winter Storm Thor, which canceled my original 7:35 AM departing flight out of Hobby, snow which delayed my arrival and had me and the other 74 people on my flight doing lazy circles over Virginia as we waited for the DCA runways to be cleared of falling snow.

And my Southwest flight crew handled their flying business   We also had a hotel change, and my third floor room at the Beacon Hotel has a lovely view of a snow covered Dupont Circle and the Australian Embassy.

But that's okay, since my 12:05 CST departure was a nonstop albeit bumpy at times flight up here and I'm thrilled I'm going to see my TPOCC colleagues again. 

That also goes for anybody else I know up here in the Washington DC area that blows up my cell phone or feels like trudging through the snow to see me before I head back home Saturday.

What's not okay is it's 20 degrees colder here than what I left in Houston with snow on the ground , and it was a chilly for Houston 40 degrees after the front passed through after 2 AM CST

Wednesday it was a balmy 75 degrees and I actually had to crank up the air conditioner to get rid of the humid air at Casa de Monica.

I did bring the sun with me from H-town, but it's still going to be cold while I'm up here and you aren't going to see it until tomorrow.according to the forecasts.

But I'm going to be indoors for most of this trip, so it's not going to matter much.

What I would like to do is find some time in my packed schedule  to hit the legendary Ben's Chili Bowl before I bounce back home on Saturday. 

And if I can't, Five Guys will do until I come back up here next time.

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