Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blasting Off On Planet Privilege

Trans human rights, the final human rights frontier.   These are the voyages of the USS TransGriot, having to check somebody once again for something they wrote and didn't give much thought to before firing up their laptop,.   My guest post at the Dallas Voice

I read that 'Planet Confusion' post from Leslie McMurray of the Dallas Voice, and let me just say for starters it was a hot mess.  You know it ain't good and you have screwed up in Trans World when our TERF enemies and the TS separatist useful fools are gleefully linking to it, disrespectfully misgendering you at the same time and you are getting called out by your trans family for the problematic commentary in it.

And once again, we have another instance of a late transitioning trans person saying some problematic crap.

The first problem with the post was using that Jackie Robinson analogy.  It didn't fit this situation, and you would have been better off leaving it out of the post.  

It was also problematic the conclusion jump that was made based on a cis woman's assertions that Carlotta Sklodowska, the trans woman in question,  was a crossdresser.   She's not, and has stated that she was trans.  So why would you do Yvette Cormier's and the conservafools dirty work for them by not only continuing to erase her declared identity, but then go on an anti-crossdresser rant on top of it?

Sklodowska could have looked like Heidi Klum when she walked into that locker room to hang up her coat and purse and she still would have been misgendered.unjust

I started transition in 1994.  I was wearing femme attire in public long before that   It is a cardinal rule in Trans World that when out and using public restrooms that correspond with gender presentation, we ALWAYS sit to pee period, and for you to insinuate we don't reinforced the transphobic 'men in dresses' trope.

It may be news to you Leslie, but those of us who have been out and proud longer than 2012 are a lot more  politically and PR savvy than you gave us credit for.  Did it also not occur to you Ms. McMurray to ponder the point Yvette Cormier may have had an agenda and been lying? 

No police report, no arrest, no predator.   Anyone who has been in TransWorld long enough to pay attention knows that far too many conservative white peeps  have been crying wolf and white women's tears over nonexistent trans predators.  Now they and the anti-trans industry and their non-white sellouts are desperate to create some phantom predators to back up their transphobic lies and the unjust anti-trans bills popping up like kudzu.

I'm concerned about those unjust bills  too.  So much so I and a group of trans people  and our allies in business attire took a day out of our busy lives to travel to Austin to fight them because if they are enacted, they will disproportionately affect trans people of color.

In addition to the problematic anti-crossdresser rant, the post had the vanillacentric privileged stench of trans identity politics that makes me sick.   Not everyone in Trans World can plunk down $20K and jet to Thailand to get SRS for various personal. fiscal and medical reasons, and you need to keep that fundamental point in mind in the future.

You also need to keep in mind there are many ways to present as female, and cis and trans women come in all shapes, sizes and genital configurations.

But the bottom line in this whole sorry mess is this.   Yvette Corrmier lost her membership for bullying and being a transphobic jerk, and now she has the audacity to want Planet Fitness to pay for her precious delicate nerves being disturbed by a trans woman merely existing.

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