Monday, March 02, 2015

Exposed: What Trans People Do In The Bathroom

Since some of you are still irrationally believing the debunked right wing lies about what we trans people actually do in the bathroom, and some of you media peeps are complicit in spreading them, once again  I find it necessary to waste bandwith having to reiterate step by step what happens when we trans people  walk into any public restroom situation.

As a TransGriot public service, I present a step by step guide to what trans people actually do in any public restroom.

What Trans People Do In The Bathroom

1:   Enter bathroom
2:   Find empty stall, enter and lock door
3:   Check toilet seat for residual poop or pee, wipe off if detected.
4:   Pull clothes down in preparation to expel waste products
5:   Sit down on toilet seat
6:   Poop or pee until finished
7:   Wipe buns
8:    Flush toilet if a manual one
9:    Get up, readjust clothes, unlock stall door
10:  Head to sink to wash hands
11.  If a trans feminine person, check makeup and appearance.
12.  Exit bathroom

Now, does that sound like something that we should spend a year in jail and pay fines for?

Let my people pee and poop in peace, and stop trying to criminalize our need to handle natural body functions should they happen in public spaces for your own personal gain.

Neither are we trans peeps and our allies going to sit quietly and accept being oppressed simply because you want to satisfy some deep seated  need to oppress somebody to score political points with your Teabagging base.

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Lucky S. Michaels said...

Well said!! Been saying for minute! Self advocating gets so tired! That's a throwback! I remember when we had all the shelter kids there... Just wish I was shaved and out about my T then! Thanks for all your work at transgriot