Thursday, March 26, 2015

Keep Calm And Love Your Trans* Friends

Because we can definitely use it right now with several states proposing unjust laws to criminalize our existence and national organizations being silent about it, our trans teens committing suicide, lies being told about our community and pimped by ministers and a propaganda network, and us feeling besieged.

But despite this, and still we rise.   We still strive to speed up the day when trans human rights is not just a distant dream but a concrete reality across the planet.   We yearn for the day when trans kids will be supported, loved and not thrown out of their homes like yesterday's trash

We also know that we are people loved by the Creator who wonderfully made us and are part of the diverse mosaic of human life.  While some may revile us, others embrace us and consider us a blessing in their lives.

And we also need to spread that same love amongst each other in Trans World as we receive it from the people who love and care about us.

If you as our allies genuinely feel that way, let you trans friends know that now as you give them a hug they most definitely need.

Keep calm.   This storm of anti-trans hatred and intolerance shall pass and will give way to the bright sunlight of freedom, love and acceptance..  

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