Friday, March 06, 2015

Trans America, Your Humanity Is Under Attack

Maybe it's me being inside the Beltway or simply being pissed off at the spectacle of a grown ass faith based bully berating a trans youngling in Charlotte for simply handling a nature call, or the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday happening in Selma tomorrow, but Moni has something to say about what I've observed going on over the last few weeks in Trans World and beyond.

Like many of you in Trans World I'm not happy about the Religious Reich  doubling down on the thoroughly debunked bathroom predator meme and sponsoring dehumanizing anti-trans legislation that is a straight up attack on our humanity

While one is on its way to dying in Kentucky despite being passed by their GOP controlled senate, there are others in Florida and Texas still floating around that haven't gotten the derisive pushback they need to make the GOP withdraw them or the business community calling them out.about it.

But that's a subject for another post.   I want to talk about what we in the trans community can control.

And Moni's going to be real about it and can't say it enough,  your humanity as a trans person in this country is under attack.   I've been warning you for years that the faith-based haters were going to come for us, and now that day of reckoning is here.

What are you going to do about it? Are you going to meekly submit to right-wing oppression and let them criminalize being trans without a fight?

And don't think you can reason with GOP women on this issue.   Debbie Riddle sponsored our trans hate bill in Texas, and I predict that you'll see more white GOP women acting as useful fools to front these scientifically illiterate anti-trans measures

Let's also not forget that some of our LGB friends voted for some of the GOP legislators who are oppressing us, and are more concerned with their wallets that aiding us and anyone else in our human rights struggles.

How much is your dignity and humanity as a human being worth to you trans people, and are you willing to fight for it?   Are you going to be the trans men and women you say you are and these times demand?   Are you willing to join our younglings in fighting for our human rights against white male conservafools who are basically mad they didn't get to oppress somebody Jim Crow style like their great grandparents did?

Or are you going to cower in the false security of nondisclosure and let others do the heavy lifting of being agents for our liberation while you insultingly say from the safety of your keyboards 'these people don't represent me'?

Your nondisclosed status will not protect you forever from anti-trans oppression or anti-trans bigotry.   Sooner or later that pseudo-cisnormative status you have painstakingly built up will unravel, and you'll be blowing up mine or other activists phones wanting us to drop other important collective work that needs to be done to deal with your personal crisis.

Want to stop or slow down trans youth suicides? The first step to that happening ,is trans adults being visible,  proudly being possibility models living our lives to the best of our ability, and role modeling leadership is such a positive way it inspires our trans youth to live, handle their educational business and take the steps to dare to dream to be productive in society.

When we are doing the trans advocacy, we have to bear in mind that is not just for us.   Some of the policies we're fighting to get passed we may not be around to see them implemented, much less enjoy them.   But fight for them we must.

And finally, we must send the message that our humanity and our human rights are not up for discussion, nor are our human rights to be played with for your personal  political gains.

Don't tread on us or our human rights.  We're tired of it.  We've had enough. That message also goes to our peeps who are willing to throw the entire community under the human rights bus for their own comfort.

We also need to hold those who claim trans leadership status accountable in our community who aren't doing the job of  being trans leaders.

We also need to be on our job of building trans community.   I'm sick of the selfish trans separatist inspired rugged individualism.  We need collective community building for the rest of this decade and beyond.

Trans Americans, your humanity is under attack.   What are you going to do about it?

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