Saturday, March 07, 2015

TPOCC Board Business Is Handled

As some of you are aware of, I bounced up here to Washington DC as part of my board duties to spend yesterday handling TPOCC business.

Kind of speaks to mine and the board's determination to ensure that the Trans Persons Of Color Coalition stays the one national organization dedicated to the concerns of ethnic trans persons when several of the board members braved Winter Storm Thor to travel to a DC getting whacked by several inches of snow so we could be there on time for our all day facilitated meeting that occurred yesterday.

TPOCC will celebrate its fifth anniversary this year and our founding executive director Kylar Broadus has big plans for the organization that we will roll out over the next few months.

One of those I can talk about is giving our TPOCC constituents the chance to support us fiscally, since this work takes money.   Details on how you'll be able to do that and invest in our organization will come soon.

TPOCC board members like Cecilia Chung, Mattee Jim, Louis Mitchell Andrea Jenkins and myself along with Kylar will be out, about and visible at major community events like the Trans 100 event in Chicago , the LGBT Media Journalists Convening, the Black Trans Advocacy Conference in Dallas, the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and other regional events in our various locales around the country.

TPOCC is also ramping up its online presence on Facebook and Twitter.

There's a lot of things we discussed yesterday that a board confidentiality agreement will not allow me to talk about in this post, but you can be assured that TPOCC will be working to become that visible, muscular national trans advocacy organization you want, deserve, and look toward to role model  principled leadership.

And yesterday we took some major steps toward making that happen.

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