Friday, March 13, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards-Championship Weekend Edition

College basketball junkies have been gorging themselves on nonstop hoops in preparation for the 2015 edition of March Madness, AKA the NCAA Men's and women's basketball tournaments.

The non and mid major conferences started having their conference tournaments to decide who gets the NCAA tourney bids last week, and now going into this weekend the major conferences are handling their tournament business.

Speaking of handling my business, time for me to handle some Friday business that you come to love in terms of the weekly TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.  

Time to determine what fool, fools or group of fools exhibited championship level arrogance,  shadiness, and just jaw dropping WTF level stupidity.

Honorable mention number one is all the Mississippi Republicans who in a recent poll stated that interracial marriage shold be illegal.   
Really?  That hatred of interracial marriage is so 20th century.  I guess next you'll be agitating for Mississippi to secede from the USA.

Honorable mention number two, another group award for Joe Scarborough and his Morning Joe MSNBC team for idiotically stating during a discussion about that situation on the OU campus that rap music was the cause foe two white SAE member to be caught on tape singing a racist ditty.  That led to Black Twitter calling his clueless behind out.

Are you really that jawdroppingly clueless about whiteness and white supremacy?   Obviously Joe, you most certainly are.

Honorable mention number three is Craig James, who must have played too much football with his helm,et off and parted his lips to say that supporting same sex marriage is the work of Satan.

Funny,  I think being a GOP conservafool oppressor is the work of, help me out here Church Lady.

Honorable mention number four is attorney Michael Carvin,.  The man arguing in front of the SCOTUS to kill Obamacare actually parted his lips to say that that the difference between this King v. Burwell lawsuit and the one in 2012 is that unlike the 2012 challenge, the argument on Wednesday is on "a statute that was written three years ago, not by dead white men but by living white women and minorities."

Mr. Carvin, your pointed white hood is showing.  but then again Antonin Scalia and his kneegrow ventriloquist dummy probably liked that

Honorable mention number five is Frank Ancona, the Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Tea Party, oops Ku Klux Klan, who parted his mouth after he took off his pointed hood to state that his group is a Christian organization

Naw you idiot, you've been an unrepentantly racist and anti-Semitic terrorist organization since 1866.

Honorable mention number six is Rudy Giuliani, who let something stupid fly out of his mouth once again and stated that President Obama should be more like Bill Cosby

Dude, have several seats in Yankee Stadium and a nice tall glass of STFU.  

And yeah, you're in the running for the Shut Up Fool of the Year award.

Honorable mention number seven is Ronald Brockmeyer, the Ferguson, Mo judge who levied crushing fines on residents of that town that ruined lives in some cases, is himself a delinquent tax payer who owes the feds $170,000 in back taxes.

I suspect that you'll get far more mercy from the IRS than you gave people who entered your courtroom.

Honorable mention number eight is former Emmy award winning Univision host Rodner Figueroa.  It FORMER host because on Wednesday he dissed First Lady Michelle Obama on the El Gordo y El Flaca show.    Figueroa does biting fashion commentary, and took it way past the valley of good tasts in a segment discussing the work of make-up artist Paolo Ballesteros who posts photos of himself transformed into female celebrities, when he stated that the First Lady looks like a character from Planet Of the Apes.

And what made this hate on Black women moment more insulting is that the Venezuelan born Figueroa is Afro-Latino.
Sadly, demonizing Blackness and Black womanhood is an international pasttime.

Honorable mention number nine is Matthew Pennell.   This now former staffer for anti-gay 'pro-family' Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)  was arrested on 17 counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

And tell em once again, who are the child predators? 

This week's SUF loser winner is is every GOP senator that violated the Logan Act and signed that jacked up letter to Iran.

Thought international politics and diplomacy stopped at the water's edge. 

But I guess you make a racist exception GOP when it comes to a Democratic African-American POTUS you have unprecedented levels of hatred for and execute Massive Resistance 2.0 for everything he attempts to do that will make this country better.

GOP Senators, shut up fools!

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