Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Day, Two More H-town Events

If you're noticing that I have been quite busy and visible inside and outside my beloved hometown lately in terms of my attendance an participation at various events, you would be correct in that assumption.

I had two panels last night, flew to Washington DC last Thursday to participate in a TPOCC board meeting, and now your favorite Texas Trans Angelic Troublemaker has two more events on her busy schedule before she flies off to Philly for the 2015 edition of the  LGBT Media Journalists Convening.

Last night it was a discrimination panel discussion on which I didn't get a chance to talk about the issues affecting the trans population before the floor was yielded to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

But it bees that way sometimes.  While I was happy to see my congressmember Rep Jackson-Lee,  I still got the short end of the panel discussion time and wasn't happy about the lost opportunity to talk about trans issues, especially with a CBC congress member in attendance.

But was a little happier at the TSU Misfits event that started less than an hour later in the Tiger Room of the Sterling Student Life Center on the TSU campus.   Always good to see NBJC Executive Director/ CEO Sharon Lettman-Hicks and meet more people in academia and in the African-American cisgender ranks supportive of our SGL, trans and bi community.

On today's agenda in my semi-boring life was my attendance at the Harris County Democratic Party's brown bag Lunch series of discussions in which Houston mayoral candidate Ben Hall was speaking.

And yeah, as you probably guessed, he got grilled by me and a few other peeps in the room for his non support of HERO as currently constituted.

Just a reminder Mr. Hall, wanting to be mayor of all of Houston includes me and other trans residents of it, and not supporting a HERO with gender ID protections is a non-starter.

The other event I have starts at 7 PM CDT and is sponsored by the Houston Black Nonbelievers.  It is a panel I'm on in which the topic we'll discuss is Homophobia In The Black Community: Real or Myth?

That fascinating discussion will take place at the Montrose Center, and you know I'll have my say on the topic du jour.

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