Monday, March 02, 2015

Texas GOP Needs To Stop Treading On Me

RiddleIt's Texas Independence Day, the day in which 59 Texican settlers of Coahuila y Texas on this date in 1836 signed a document declaring their independence from Mexico and jumping off the Texas Revolution that successfully concluded with lightning victory at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21.

This date is a state holiday here, but I as a proud African-American trans Texan don't feel like celebrating it   Not feeling much pride in a state in which its GOP led government is hellbent on oppressing me.

And I wonder why.  Is there some deep seated need in white conservafools to oppress people?  They also seem hellbent on proving what I've been saying a lot lately in terms of the most dangerous bigot being the one with the power to write legislation.

Whether it's voter suppression legislation, demonizing Muslims and Latin@ undocumented immigrants, or restricting a woman's right to choose with draconian non scientifically based legislation, I'm not happy with this GOP run government here.

And I'm even less happy about Debbie Riddle's unjust HB 1748 bill and other similar oppressive and blatantly unconstitutional legislation that's been introduced in this legislative session.

I'm sick an tired of Teapublicans demonizing my people and especially the trans community of Texas.  Your transphobic hate speech is going to lead to violence and worse, vulnerable kids who feel they have no positive future to look forward to killing themselves.  

But that's probably your plan all along isn't it?

Bottom line I'm tired of the Texas GOP treading on me and all the communities I intersect and interact with for right wing political gain.  

I'm also sick of the racist ignorance coming from Texas Republican legislators on a regular basis, too that's an embarrassment to the state.

And I would hope that the peeps who love this state and want to see it grow and prosper are tired of the less than stellar GOP led governance coming out of Austin and do something more than just bitch in their not so quite room about it.

I hope and pray they bumrush the polls in 2016 and beyond to throw you Texas GOP bums out.

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