Friday, March 20, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards- I Pity The Tool Edition

Mr. T P 2015Hey, was nice to hear that our Shut Up Fool inspiration and  mascot Mr T is about to get back on TV with a new reality show called I Pity The Tool

In this show coming soon to your television screens on DIY Network, shows our hero demolishing outdated rooms and with the help of HGTV Design Star winner and interior designer Tiffany Brooks,  give a family a home makeover with beautifully remodeled rooms.

Sounds like an interesting premise.

As y'all know I pity tools here every Friday, but they are political tools, fools and peeps who just say and do some of the most mind boggling things.

So let's cut out the jibber- jabber and get to determining this week's Shut Up Fool

Honorable mention number one goes to Zoey Tur for a long list of problematic transphobic  statements I had to call her ass out for

Form the comment I posted to her on a mutual FB friend Elizabeth Rivera's page.

So if you don't like me calling you out, too damned bad. The way you avoid that now and in the future is change the nekulturny behavior that caused me to call your ass out in the first place.

When you came out, you had a community ready and willing to help you. Unfortunately you have killed much of that initial good will with your Susan Stanton 2.0 antics.
You still have time to change those negative perceptions, but the clock is ticking along with the rest of your credibility.

Honorable mention number two goes to Raven-Symone for cosigning that racist comment about the FLOTUS Rodner Figueroa got himself fired from Univision for last week by stating on The View that 'some people look like animals'

Yeah Raven,, we can call you Toucan Sam, but we can't call you a lesbian or African-American. You look like a bird alright, the dodo bird.

Honorable mention number three to Rick Wiles for 'scurring' his conservafool listeners by telling them they have one year to get out of the country before it is 'destroyed by the POTUS'.

You got it twisted dude.   President Obama is trying to save the country from your racists asses.

Bye haters...Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya.   And don't forget to pay your taxes on the way out.

Honorable mention number four is Dinesh D'Souza, who parted his lips to say that the left hates him because he is a non-white immigrant patriot..

Naw son, we dislike you because you are ca convicted felon and a clueless tool.

Honorable mention number five is FOX Noise fembot Andrea Tantaros, who doesn't like along with her FOX controllers the idea of every American voting.

Honorable mention number six is LA USD  'teacher' Steven Carnine, who is probably bucking for membership in the Orange County KKK after making racist remarks to African-American and mixed race students in his class.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Apologizes For Suggesting Women Provoke ...This week's Shut Up Fool loser winner is is ESPN's Stephen A Smith, who parted his lips to suggest at a Vanderbilt University speech that for one election cycle, all Black folks should vote Republican in 2016.

Um not  no Stephen, but OH HELL NO!.  I'm not voting for a party that has hated on me and my people since 1964 and has anti-trans legislation popping up in FL, KY and TX.

Are you not paying attention to the fact that 2016 is a presidential election year?   We must have a Democratic president in the White House to finish replacing all the GOP leaning federal judges appointed by Reagan and Daddy Bush that are now hitting retirement age.   There are three possible SCOTUS seats that will pop open in the next presidential term and I want a Democratic POTUS, whoever he or SHE is, picking those judicial nominees.

And I want a Democratic POTUS poised with their veto pen to kill any jacked up Republican legislation that comes to his desk.

Stephen A. Smith, shut up fool!

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