Sunday, March 15, 2015

I'm A Skilled, Trained Professional

As you long time TransGriot readers are aware of, ,it makes my day to point out the ignorance and hypocrisy in the world, especially when it involves conservafools.

And sadly, my Shut Up Fool business has been booming lately.

In my way too brief time with my LGBT media colleagues, they have expressed to me just how much they enjoy me tearing our conservafool opponents a new anus.  And far too often, they just keep handing me the ammo to bash them with on a silver platter

Hey, Mr.T did say that fools are everywhere.

But as much as I like calling them out and that's good for my hit counts, that;s not good for our country and those of us who like to see government work   We the people deserve better that that.

We deserve a democracy in which both parties put their competing visions for running this country in the marketplace of ideas, and let us voters decide which one we like better, not one in which one party checks out from reality, and then tries to rig the game so you as a reality based voter can't toss their asses out of office for daring to be that monumentally stupid and arrogant.

So as long as there are fools, I'll be calling them out

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Everyday Numbers said...

I feel like I'm making myself sick.. But I'm not making me sick, its my ignorant ass neighbors who think that its okay to throw opinions about how I should be..

I dress as a Drag King, and I've been back and forth all my Life.. I chose not to Choose.. Because I dont want to..

This is my life.. I do what I feel,and what my heart tells me.. The Best of Both..