Monday, March 02, 2015

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Interns Come To Casa Ruby

You longtime readers of this blog know I have much love and admiration for Roby Corado-Walker and the fantastic job she has done over the last few years in building Casa Ruby into the go to TBLGQ focused social services center in the Washington DC area.

It's being noticed, and she's starting to get the funding attention she so richly deserves.

The latest project that Casa Ruby has taken on is opening a transitional housing unit that will house 10-12 TBLGQ youth. 

The property that will house the transitional housing facility has been purchased and undergone renovation for its soon to be intended use.

It was recently visited by a group Congressional Hispanic Caucus 2015 spring interns on a chilly DC day to help clean, fix and prep the house so it can get closer to the day it becomes a home for the young people who are ready willing and able with Casa Ruby's help to take control of their lives.

Ruby Corado, Casa Ruby, gay news, Washington BladeIt was wonderful to see the Congressional Hispanic Caucus interns take on Casa Ruby as a project.  It is the type of cooperation and community building I want to see happen more often between the African-American trans community, our people and our legacy organizations.

Megacongratulations to Casa Ruby for all the work it has been doing in the Washington DC area, for the staff and volunteers that keep it running, and for its founding director for continuing to breathe life into her vision of a community center that is a home for everyone.

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