Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Headed To Austin To Lobby Against Unjust Bills

As many of you are aware of,  we're dealing with s trio of unjust anti- trans legislation in the Lone Star State in Rep Debbie Riddle's HB 1748 and Rep Gilbert Pena's  HB 2801 and 2802s

With hearings coming soon on these unjust bills, Texas trans peeps and our allies are traveling to Austin to make the point we live here and aren't down with criminalizing our lives just for going to the bathroom.

These bills as you probably guessed would especially have a deleterious effect on trans communities of color.

We're rolling westbound on US 290 as you read this to handle our lobbying business and start the conversation with our state lawmakers about just how off the charts bad these bills are for our state.

Our ETA is around 12 noon, and after our briefing at Equality Texas HQ we'll get started handling our legislative business.  Hope they and their staffs listen to what we have to say.

Should be an interesting day in Austin, so don't miss the latest TransGriot update as Moni goes to lobby in Austin for the first time since 2001.

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