Monday, March 09, 2015

UHD State Of Discrimination Panel Wednesday

After taking a few days to rest from my just completed trip to DC and prepping to leave for another one, I get to handle some Houston business on Wednesday

I'm part of a panel that will take place on the UHD campus on March 11 entitled, The State of Discrimination: from Ferguson, to HERO, to HB2, to Islan Nettles is a critical discourse that will examine the current state of discrimination in America by engaging in a dialogue about contemporary forms of oppression and modern day discrimination.
During this conversation we’ll examine issues relating to Ferguson, police brutality, disparities in the criminal justice system, Islan Nettles, the epidemic of violence against Black trans* people, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, Roe vs. Wade, HB2, and a host of other issues that will help us understand the current state of discrimination in America.

In addition to myself, the panel will include Brad Pritchett, Shailey Gupta-Brietzke, and Durrel Douglas.

The panel will start at 4:00 PM CDT and is scheduled to run until 5:40 PM in room N-1099 on the University of Houston Downtown campus.  

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