Thursday, August 14, 2014

Still Thinking About Sisterhood

Sisterhood should not end when Oprah goes off. Truth be told, there will always be someone prettier, sexier, stronger, and smarter. I'm sorry Boo - that's just the way it is. But that's ok.....just do you!
--Robin Bonner, September 23, 2013, 'Sistahs, Let's Stop Hating On Each Other. 
One on the topics I've talked about a lot on this blog is sisterhood.   Whether it's between cis and trans women or inside our transfeminine ranks, I see sisterhood as a mutually beneficial situation. 

It not only helps trans woman become the quality women we know we are and continue to strive to be, but it helps cis women to understand the issues we grapple with while making the connection that trans women are women. 

We trans women deal with many of the same issues and struggles that come with walking Planet Earth in a feminine body.  While there are some issues that cis women deal with that I and other trans women will never know what it's like to experience, that doesn't (and shouldn't) stop me and other trans women from standing in sisterly solidarity with you.

We trans women deeply appreciate the support and unconditional love we get from those of our cis sisters who have come to the realization that trans women are women and include us in your sister circles.  It's deeply appreciated when you wrap your arms around me, hug me and call me your friend or homegirl.  
And yes, those sisterly friendships are vital to our continued feminine evolutions, especially when Black and Latina trans women are so hated upon.
Thanks once again for the frank conversations, sharing your joys and concerns, the motivational kicks in the behind when necessary and lending an ear when we need it. 

Knowing and hearing you express that trans women are women, and seeing you excel while looking fly inspires me to step it up another level and role model that quality Black woman I talk about on these electronic pages so much. 

Contrary to the lies the TERF"s have been pushing since the disco era, trans women aren't your enemies, nor do we want to be.  We have far more struggles in common in our evolving feminine journeys than we do differences, and I enjoy it when I get to sit down and have conversations with cis and trans women and talk about them.   

Building sisterhood and working partnerships in the cis and trans feminine ranks is a worthy and achievable goal    Let's get busy making it happen.

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