Friday, August 08, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-Moni's At Texas State Edition

Another Friday afternoon, another event.  At this moment I'm at the LBJ Student Center on the Texas State University campus having lunch and chilling with everyone who is attending the 6th annual Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit

This TTNS is blazing a historic chapter for the event because for the first time ever it's being held on a college campus not located in the Houston metro area where it was founded by Josephine Tittsworth.

We're halfway through our first day of seminars, the keynote by Dr. Gage E. Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin and discussing how to get trans inclusive nondiscrimination policies ensconced in Texas school districts and on Texas college campuses 

But I'm well aware that Friday means it's time to call out this week's fool, fools or group of fools worthy of this week's TransGriot Shut Up Fool Award.

So let's cut the jibber-jabber and get right to this Friday's SUF 'bidness'.

Honorable mention number one is a group award that goes to the 63 Texas Teapublican legislators who signed an amicus brief Monday arguing that recognition of gay marriage could lead to the legalization of incest, pedophilia and polygamy.

I don't even know where to start demolishing that one, but these boys doth protesteth too much. 

Honorable mention number two I stay in the Lone Star State for in Rev. James Nash.  He's one of the kneegrow ministers HERO hatin' and cooning it up for Dave Welch.  During the Forward Times HERO town hall Monday night, mere moments after being told by Cassandra Thomas, a 30 year expert in the field, that the anti-trans bathroom predator scare tactic he and the hate pastors were using were false, he tried to push the lie once again and got smacked down by the assembled crowd for it.

Christopimping ain't easy, huh Rev. Nash?   

Honorable mention number three gos to Richmond, CA city councilmember Corkey Boozé.   Home gets an honorable mention because he's regularly hatin' on Richmond's openly lesbian vice mayor Jovanka Beckles.

His reason?  He doesn't like her 'lifestyle'.  Mr. Boozé also takes it a nekulturny step further by having shills in the council chamber audience regularly come to meetings to scream anti-gay insults and yell "filth" at her.   It's getting so bad the Richmond City Council is considering enacting a six month ban on people who disrupt council meetings.

When is your next election to remove this hater from council? 

Honorable mention number four is Mr. Watts' least favorite state legislator in Jonathan Strickland.  Seems the Tea Klux Klan member Mike, Stacey and yours truly made look stupid on Facebook didn't need our help this time.   He's writing legislation (he can write legislation?) to ban the state of Texas from paying for the surgeries of transgender inmates.   

Even if the GOP manages to hold on to control of the state Lege and passes it next January, the 8th Amendment to the constitution will invalidate it.   And we may end up with a governor who will veto it.
Honorable mention number five goes to Milton Wolf.   The Kansas Tea Klux Klan member and doctor threw his cousin under the bus by invoking Godwin's Law and comparing him to Hitler.    .A second cousin who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   He was trying to knock off incumbent senator Pat Roberts (R), but his campaign died when a Topeka reporter busted him back in February about x-ray images of gunshot victims posted on his Facebook page.   Roberts thumped him by seven points.

Serves your azz right for dissing the POTUS.

Honorable mention number six goes to Laura Ingraham, who opened mouth and inserted pumps on her radio show Wednesday to say that giving transkids hormone therapy is 'child abuse'.

There are many transgender children and their parents who would probably love to call your ignorant butt out for saying something so monumentally stupid.  

Honorable mention number seven goes to Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) for trying to trying to pull out the vcitim card and claim that the Democrats are waging a War On White People.  

Silly Teapublican.  It's your own party that's waging that War on White People and 'errbody else' not in the 1% by not expanding Medicare, refusing to do infrastructure projects, raise the minimum wage....

Millionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump. Photo: Screenshot via YouTube.This week's Shut Up Fool Award goes to Donald Chump Trump

If you thought there was any shred of decency left in the man, he removed all doubt he had it when as part of a Twitter rant, wrote that American healthcare workers Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, who were infected with the Ebola virus while on humanitarian missions, not be allowed back into the country for treatment. 

Trump tweeted that healthcare workers “must suffer the consequences,” for their humanitarian impulses.

Why don't you 'suffer the consequences' and spend some of your megabucks to go to Bosley to exchange that squirrel on top of your head for some real hair?
Donald Trump, you're fired, er shut up fool.

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