Wednesday, August 13, 2014

HERO Updates, Notes and News-August 13

The scene for the battle to keep the HERO shifts from City Hall to the Harris County Courthouse at 201 Caroline Street on Friday afternoon.

It'll be heard in Judge Robert Shaver's 152nd Civil Court on the 11th floor of that building at 1:30 PM CDT on Friday

The clock is ticking on the faith-based oppressors as they try to get in the courtroom what they failed to get when they committed their unforced errors in collecting signatures.

They have a looming August 18 deadline to get their repeal  referendum language on the ballot, and they have no one to blame but themselves for their predicament.

King Hater Dave Welch told them in the training video what not to do when collecting the signatures for the repeal petitions, and they did it anyway. 

Meanwhile on to other issues of importance.  Media Matters wrote a story that confirmed what Team HERO already knew.  Houston media coverage of our HERO fight has been slanted far too much in the oppressor's direction, and offered suggestions to fix it.

On Monday night was the August meeting of the Stonewall Young Democrats, and in addition to having a small celebration to acknowledge the HERO wins so far, this meeting also revealed more of the groups endorsements in statewide  and local judicial races.

There was another HERO strategy meeting held at the Montrose Center last night in which several bullet point issues of importance to the Houston Black SGL trans and bi community were discussed.   There was also a review of the previous meeting, where we stood with HERO and continuing to do our 'Revolution Will Not Be Televised' work to own our power.    Watch this TransGriot space for date, time and location of the next meeting.

A HERO fundraiser is happening later tonight with suggested donations of  $250, $500, to $10,000. RSVP to if yo wish to attend this event at the home of  Richard Holt and Mark McMasters

Interesting news dropped about one of our haters in Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values and why he's hating on HERO.  Seems according to Lone Star Q, his ex-wife left him for another woman.  Hmm.  .  

The #NOFILTER conversations also start at 7 PM tonight
Don't you think it's time for us as a community to come together and have those hard conversations that we always wanted to have but didn't know how to? Well, we have the discussion for you. #NOFILTER is a place to start tearing apart any of the things we want to get off our chest!
In case you're interested, MSociety is located at 1116 Jackson Montrose.

There is also a HERO volunteer appreciation event happening August 19 at Resurrection MCC Church.  If you did anything to help the HERO pass from speaking at City Council to checking petitions to e-mailing our councilmembers, your presence is requested and wanted for this event.

Soon as I get the time, I'll pass it along in a future HERO update post.

And finally, on August 14 there will be a Houston moment of silence for Mike Brown, the folks in Ferguson, MO and all the people who were either killed unjustly or due to police brutality. 

Ashley Williams is organizing this #Houston National Moment of Silence which will take place Thursday at MacGregor Park at the corner of Old Spanish Trail and MLK (at the MLK statue corner of the park) starting at 6 PM CDT.  

#NMOS14 organizers are asking you to bring your families, signs, and stories. If you have any questions, or need more info, please contact Ashley at or send a text to 214-608-6329

I'm planning to attend and hope we'll have representation from the Houston TBLG community there.

The fight to keep the HERO continues.   

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