Tuesday, August 12, 2014

22nd Annual Houston Unity Banquet Happening Next Month

It's been an amazing year for Houston transkind with the passage of the gender identity inclusive HERO that many of us in the Houston trans ranks fought hard to make it happen.

Normally this event happens in April, but considering we were majorly committed to pushing for HERO passage, it was probably a good thing that the Houston Transgender Unity Banquet was postponed.

The 22nd annual edition of the HTUC Unity Banquet emceed once again by Trystan Reece will take place at the Sheraton Brookhollow's Grand Ballroom, located at 3000 North Loop West.   The Unity Banquet is one of the major fundraising activities for the local trans community and tickets are on sale for it right now.  

It supports not only the Transgender Foundation of America (TFA), but the Peggy Rudd Scholarship, trans activities during Houston Pride, and the Houston Trans Community Awards in various categories (The Dee McKellar I was nominated for once back in 2001 but didn't win) 
So why do we have the Unity Banquet here in H-town?  One of the reasons we do so is to promote unity, cooperation and facilitate cooperation between several local transgender groups.

The Houston Transgender Unity Committee (HTUC) was formed to plan and coordinate common activities for the Houston Transgender Community including Tau Chi Chapter of Tri-Ess, Helping Transgenders Anonymous (HTGA), Some Transgenders Are Guys (STAG), Houston Transgender Cover Girls (HTCG), Diamond T Girls, and Transgenders of Faith-Community Gospel Church.

The Unity Banquet is the fundraising event for HTUC, and since the late 90's has been held each year to acknowledge and honor our allies and advocates in the Houston area.

After being held in the spring for many years, it's going to be an interesting shift of the Houston Transgender Unity Banquet to a fall one.  It probably needed to happen because of all the late spring organizing that happens in conjunction with Houston Pride. 

It should be an interesting night on September 20 when the 22nd annual edition of the Houston Transgender Unity Banquet takes place at the Sheraton Brookhollow.

Hopefully I'll be in town and in the Grand Ballroom when it happens.      

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