Monday, August 25, 2014

Have A Wonderful 2014-15 School Year

The 2014-15 school year gets started today in HISD, many of the surrounding suburban school districts and our local colleges and universities UH, UHD, TSU, Rice and HCC.  

For all the teachers, TA's and professors I proudly count amongst my friends and loyal readers, hope you have a wonderful, relatively stress free academic year as well. 

It has already gotten off to a successful start for Rachel Pepe in New Jersey.   After a short fight with her local school district, she will now be attending school as her true self. 

Rice University starts this academic year proudly popping their collars as the only school in Texas that made the Princeton Review's Top 20 Most Friendly LGBT Colleges list..  They are determined to improve on their number 20 ranking.

Seems like every school year I have to write stories about school districts reluctant to let trans students run for homecoming king or queen, run for prom king or queen, prom dress code kerfluffles, potty wars, cap and gown graduation battles, or just simply getting ID to match who they are now. 

I expect this school year won't be any different.  But as this 2014-15 school year transpires, there will probably be trans history made in some locales before the academic year has come to a close.    

For all my trans younglings, in the Class of 2015, hope this is one magical year that you will fondly remember for the rest of your lives that serves as a springboard to a successful college experience. 

For you college seniors, hope this senior year is a low stress educationally stimulating year that sets you up for successful lives as you prepare to leave your college campuses for that different world off of it. 

For my friends entering law or graduate school or just going back to school to finish what you started, handle your business and have a wonderful year.  For those of you entering high school, college or whatever grade level you're at, have a wonderful year and much success.  

Know that your trans elders and various organizations are standing by in case you have issues crop up related to your trans status that you need to resolve.   And know collegiate haters, I will not hesitate to call you out on the electronic pages concerning any transphobic crap that develops on your campuses. 

Have a wonderful 2014-15 school year.  Let the school bells ring across the country and the drama free education of our next generation begin.

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