Monday, August 04, 2014

Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Law Overturned

Score one for Team Human Rights!  On Friday the Ugandan Constitutional Court overturned the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Law on the basis that it was wrongly passed by parliament. 

The law is "null and void", presiding judge Steven Kavuma told the court on Friday, saying the process had contravened the Ugandan constitution, as it has been passed in parliament in December without the necessary legislative quorum 

"Justice prevailed, we won," said lawyer Nicholas Opiyo, who led the challenge in the constitutional court.  The challenge to the law was fueled by a coalition of groups that included academics, journalists, both ruling and opposition MPs, human rights activists and rights groups.

"The retrogressive anti-homosexuality act of Uganda has been struck down by the constitutional court - it's now dead as a door nail," said Andrew Mwenda, one of 10 petitioners challenging the law.

Of course the haters are going to file an appeal of this decision striking down the law in the Ugandan Supreme Court.  They are also considering reintroducing it in parliament 

The unjust draconian law passed by the Ugandan parliament in December and signed by President Yoweri Museveni in February resulted in aid cuts by several European nations and sanctions being slapped on Uganda by the US government.

President Obama was one of many world leaders decrying the unjust law's signing by Museveni.

No word yet from Scott Lively or MP David Bahati about what they think about it being struck down.  The faith based oppressor Lively has bragged he's responsible for getting it passed in the first place. 

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon also hailed the ruling by the Constitutional Court, calling it a 'step forward and a 'victory for the rule of law.'

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