Friday, August 22, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-Aww Mo'Ne's Gone Edition

Was hoping I get to see the remarkable story of Mo'Ne Davis continue to play out in this year';s edition of the Little League World Series, but that was not to be.

Her Taney LL Dragons from Philly exited the LLWS one game short of the US Championship with a 6-5 elimination loss to the Jackie Robinson West LL team from Chicago.

It is they, and not Mo'Ne and company who will face the unbeaten squad from Las Vegas' Mountain Ridge LL for the US Championship.tomorrow.   The US winner will face the International Championship winner between South Korea and Japan.   

It's Friday, and y'all know what that means.  It's Shut Up Fool Awards day.    My fools once again runneth over this week, and it's time to determine who struck singles of outright lies, doubled up on the falsehoods, tripled on the jaw dropping ignorance, hit home runs of hypocrisy and struck out in common decency

Let's get started with this week's SUF Awards shall we? 

Honorable Mention number one is a group award to the Westboro Baptist Church .  They claim they're going to Iraq to protest ISIS.   Seriously?   After all the anti-Islamic things that the late Daddy Phred said?

I know these fools are selling woof tickets, but if they did, any bets on how long it would take for ISIS to snatch them off the Iraqi streets and behead them for crimes against Islam?

Honorable mention number two we'll stay international for in Spain's Senator Luz Elena Sanin, a member of the ruling Spanish conservafool party.   She opened mouth and inserted pumps to say that the reason for Spain's $1.3 trillion dollar debt is 'the gays'.   

Word of political advice for you Senator.   Trying to imitate soon to be ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is not a good look for you in Spain or internationally.
Honorable mention number three is the so far unknown TeaGOP staffer who wasted our time and tax dollars trolling Wikipedia to make transphobic edits of Laverne Cox's Wikipedia page and other transgender specific sites.

Another reason why the TeaGOP needs to lose control of the House November 4. Got too much time on their hands to hate.

Honorable mention number four is Mike Ditka.  Iron Mike parted his lips to level a conservablast at folks who want the racist nickname of the Washington NFL franchise changed by stating anyone who was in favor of that was a 'politically correct idiot.'

As one of my FB friends said on my page when they commented on it, maybe all of Mike Ditka's concussions are catching up to him.

Honorable mention number five is CNN's Rosemary Church, who did her best FAUX News fembot impression by asking why the oppressors  po-po's didn't use water cannons on the Ferguson, MO. protestors.

Birmingham, AL May 1963 ring a bell?    And you wonder why CNN's losing viewers.

Honorable mention number six is The Ferguson, MO PD for well, you know.......

Honorable mention number seven is Ferguson, MO mayor James Knowles, who claimed in an MSNBC interview with Tamron Hall there's no racial tensions in his city

Really?  When China, Egypt and the UN are calling your city out for its oppressive police tactics that have Palestinians tweeting tips to protestors on how to deal with tear gas and other tricks of the protest trade, you have a race problem.

Honorable mention number eight we stay in Missouri for in  Missouri RNC executive director Matt Wills.  He seems to think that the efforts to register Black voters in Ferguson are 'disgusting'  

Why Matt, that's mighty white of you and so typical of your party to oppose the efforts of registering new non-white don't want to compete for.

Honorable mention number nine is Michelle Duggar.  The reality TV show personality was pressed into service to cut spots opposing the Fayetteville, AR city council's attempt to pass a nondiscrimination law that covered sexual orientation and gender identity.   And what tired trope did they use out the oppression playbook in those spots?   If you said transgender bathroom predators, give yourself a hand.

Despite trying to slime the trans community, in these commercials, the trans oppressor failed.   Fayetteville, AR, the home of the University of Arkansas, passed its inclusive law after 10 hours of testimony Wednesday on a 6-2 vote   

That deserves a celebration Arkansas style.  Time to call those hogs!

Honorable mention number ten is for Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX).    Gov Goodhair got indicted

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is Missouri Lt. Gov Peter Kinder (R), who blew the GOP dog whistle on MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Daily show and stated we need Anglo-American justice' in Ferguson.

That racist 'Anglo-American justice' in this Michael Brown shooting and failure to arrest and prosecute Darren Wilson, the cop who executed Brown is why you have all the unrest and protests in Ferguson now.

Have several levels of seats in the TD Waterhouse Dome and shut the hell up, fool.


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