Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Transwomen Do In The Bathroom

There have been a lot of lies told by our HERO opponents over the last few months concerning what trans women do in the restrooms besides handle our bodily functions and wash our hands when we're done relieving ourselves.

So what do we do in the bathroom?   Poop, piss, and after we wash our hands primp.  The meetings we have in the ladies room are making sure we look fly when we step out of it. 

Damned sure ain't what the lying professional trans haters accuse us of doing, and we're beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing that lie repeated in the the media and elsewhere.. 

The predator meme has been debunked, and the Houston media (along with their cohorts in the rest of the country) needs to stop repeating the demonstrably false talking points of King Hater Dave Welch and company. 

And yeah Majic 102, it's past time for you to balance the journalistic scales and have HERO supporters on Sunday Morning Live.

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