Tuesday, August 05, 2014

HERO Repeal Petition Is Invalid!

Houston City Attorney David Feldman, Mayor Annise Parker and Councilwoman Ellen Cohen announce Monday that opponents of the new non-discrimination ordinance did not get enough valid signatures to force a November repeal referendum. Photo: Johnny Hanson / Houston ChronicleWhile getting dressed to head downtown to the Communications Workers of America Union Hall where the Forward Times HERO town hall was going to be held, the announcement I'd been looking for most of the day concerning Mayor Parker's press conference dropped. 

The press conference was scheduled for 5 PM CDT, just in time to be the lead story for all the local news stations   And it was wonderful news for Team HERO.

City Attorney Dave Feldman announced there are only 15,249 possible valid signatures on the petition and that the city will not certify the petition.  

Translation: Per the review by the City Secretary and City Attorney, the HERO haters failed to get the required number of signatures (17,269) to place it on the ballot for recall in the fall.  

"With respect to the referendum petition filed to repeal the 'HERO' ordinance, there are simply too many documents with irregularities and problems to overlook," Feldman said. "The petition is simply invalid. There is no other conclusion."

Gee, was a long way from the 30,000 signatures Max Miller and his hate preachers claimed they had on July 3, huh?   Frankly, they probably had enough signatures to force a referendum, but because of their arrogance and the shoddy way they went about their recall petition 'bidness', they failed.

And thank God (or whatever higher power you worship) they did

Major props to the 100 volunteers who took time out of their busy lives to go over those petitions and find the invalid signatures.   Once again Houston LGBT community and allies, y'all rose to the occasion to stand up for human rights against our oppressors and show the nation and the world that Houston does not discriminate.  

Photo: Help us celebrate today's news on #HERO  by changing your profile picture to this awesome HERO logo. #HOUequalityIs this fight to protect the HERO over?  Nope.

Like the Terminator, King Hater Dave Welch and friends won't stop until they accomplish their nefarious mission of overturning the HERO with their kneegrow sellouts in tow  

And we're going to fight even harder to keep it..  

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