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What We Has Here Is A Fauxgressive Failure To Communicate 4

Once again I find myself in a situation in which I'm  checking Facebook, reading some of my friend's Facebook threads. make a comment and it leads to me being attacked and called a 'racist' for doing so.

This time it happened earlier today in a thread on my friend Will Loyd's Facebook page in which I responded to a comment by a person called Altruiste who claimed there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans.   

Altruiste Cravens Fuck political parties.....they are nothing more than another way to separate ourselves! Politics and politicians have no place in this world other than to control and disrupt lives. Fuck Democrapublicans!!

To which I responded: 

 Monica Roberts There's no such thing as Democrapublicans. Any non-white American undeniably knows for a fact there is a difference between the two parties.

There were two other comments between this one, but note how fast it took Altruist to go there and deployed the ' you're a racist' card. 

The only difference between the two is the name itself....Both parties never agree on anything when it comes to its citizens, but they never fail to agree on the ridiculous amount of raises they give themselves. To say because I am white I dont know th
e difference between the parties is intself quite the racist statement, in fact, it is just what DEMOREREPUBLICANS lead you to believe. Democrats have stolen from and lied to democratic voters, and in fact are the reason why so many minorities are on welfare(it was designed by Democrats to hold people back, and Republicans just flat out take. We need Scientists, Philosophers, Mathematicians, Business people, etc. fixing the economy, but instead we have political parties that dumbass americans follow because so many of us dont know how to lead our own lives. In turn we elect from our heart rather than our intelligence. Political parties are one in the same, that is how I see it based from my 40 years of living. Oh yeah, FUCK RACISM as well Monica Roberts!!

After a white female commenter mentioned that President Obama was in Houston for a fundraiser before heading to Austin for the 50th anniversary commemoration at the LBJ library of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he said this: 

Altruiste Cravens It can't....and this is nothing new for Obama. He takes an average of 9 Vacations every year at a minimum $40,000,000, that equates to $360,000,000 every year(all taxpayer money). Michelle has so many people working for her on taxpayer money that we cant even find out how much of our money she is actually spending. My guess is that she spends roughly $75Mil-$100 mil yearly on ensuring she always has hairdressers and such. When Obama took office we had a National debt barely at 10 trillion dollars(that is 43 Presidents worth of spending) and Obama has nearly doubled that to now steadily climbing to 17 trillion and counting, and by my numbers we will almost hit 21 trillion(more than double) when he leaves office. George Bush started a war that costs us just as much, and without question fooled us into believing that they themselves didn't pull off the worlds greatest false flag attack(911), These are two different parties destroying the same thing, while stealing from us in the form of raises, and then designing laws to keep us from doing anything to them. So again, I say Fuck Political Parties, they are for those that wish to be led and told how to live their FREE LIFE!!!!

After he ranted about the current POTUS, and Will mentions I have a huge point about the clear differences between the two parties, he doubles down on it. 

Altruiste Cravens I see no differences, as both parties are after the same thing, but I will say this, Democrats rule the lower class and Republicans rule the wealthy, but both care nothing about either other than what can be taken.

Monica Roberts Altruiste. I hear that 'No difference between the two parties' rhetoric far too often from predominately White people who are wanting third parties in this country.

If you were walking in my non-white pumps, you'd damned sure know beyond a shadow of
a doubt there is a major difference between a Democratic Party that fights for your right to vote and a Republican Party that seeks to suppress it. You'd know that the Republicans have since 1970 run a Southern Strategy that demonizes you and the Democratic Party has worked since the 60's to include you.

And anybody that can't see the unjust, unconstitutional legislation that GOP controlled legislature enact combined with jaw dropping ignorance, makes you willfully ignorant of political reality.

Altruiste plays the race card in 3...2...1...

Altruiste Cravens You flat out live with a racist mindset shows in your statements! I don't feel sorry for you because of your "Non-White Pumps", especially since a BLACK MAN is President in a country that Supposedly hates black skin!!!!!!!!!!!!. You hold yourself back racially by your statements alone. Racism doesn't just consist of Hating another skin, it also consists of seeing your own as a crutch. In my eyes that is worse than flat out hating another because of their skin. People hold themselves back, and in turn use the color of their skin as reasoning. The welfare state was created by Democrats AND DEMOCRATS ALONE to keep blacks in line and not part of the workforce, and to attempt to make up for slavery, and Republicans do the exact same thing, but they do so to White America. We live with a President that for 20 years attended a church that preached ONLY HATE AND SEPARATION from White America, and now I am supposed to believe that somehow he is doing good for this country, that is as stupid and naïve as voting for a serial killer, as that is what governments do(both Democratic and Republican), they tell you what you want to hear in order to gain leverage over us, and this includes both parties. You don't have to see what I see, nor do you have to agree with me, but to tell me that I don't understand because I am white and you are black is, and I quote, "Ignorant, Selfish and downright Separatist thinking", END QUOTE! Your skin is a problem to you, that is so very obvious, but what I see is a human being that is at a loss to explain her own mishaps that she must blame whites and/or a party! Grow up, think for yourself and quit spreading separatist views!! When you decide to live your life for you and you alone you will see how your racist thought process is destroying only yourself. I am neither Party, nor will I ever lower myself to associate with these criminals, Democrat and republican both! With that said, know that you have the right to separate yourself from others based on your skin, but you do not have the right to tell another they don't understand because they aren't the same race! I have the ability to see both sides of the coin because I don't accept what I am told to believe via political lies that hurt all of us, including white people, and to think for one second because you are black and I am not is reason to understand is as racist as you can get! I am certainly glad I know that about you, for if we ever meet I will know how much you dislike my skin, or should I say HATE??!!

After two more of his points got debunked, he came back with two one sentence comments weakly trying to defend them

Altruiste Cravens Ignorance certainly is bliss to the blissless....ha!

Altruiste Cravens Democrats dont kill people???? Just look at Obamacare......both are evil!!!

And then I unleashed this one.

Monica Roberts Didn't take you long to incorrectly call me a racist and dismiss my half century of lived experience in this country.

That's mighty white of you Altruiste.

Racism = prejudice plus systemic power., not what pissed off white male wallowing in white privilege hisses at person of color who points out the holes in his assertion that 'there's no difference between the two parties'.

As a person of color living in the United States, I don't have the luxury like you do of living inside the borders of this country and ignoring the deleterious effect of American racism upon me either in microaggressive (as you just demonstrated by calling me a racist) and macro aggressive ways as the GOP does.

I and every other non white person have the potential and capacity to be bigoted or prejudiced. But there is only one group of people in the United States (and elsewhere in the world) with the power to turn their bigotry and prejudice into public policy, and they damned sure don't share my ethnic background

My very survival in this country calls for me to always take race, class, whiteness and white supremacy into account because it undergirds everything in American society.

See the Texas voter suppression laws, the Stand Your Ground ones, the GOP party platforms and the Supreme Court ruling eviscerating Section 4 of the VRA as the more than ample examples of that or that racism=prejudice plus power.

Monica Roberts The GOP talks about reaching out to my people. But sending kneegrow sycophants like Dr Ben Carson, Mia Love, Erik Rush and Allen West into my community who mouth the same racist anti-Black rhetoric that white conservative bigots do is an insult to our intelligence.

Spouting the same failed voodoo economics, being the mean spirited , anti-public education, anti-science, anti-immigration arm of white supremacy, and opposing civil rights laws are the major reasons that 95% of my peeps are voting Democratic and the rest of the ethnic minorities in this nation are finally waking up and doing the same.

Altruiste Cravens Liaten Monica, your entire rant is based on the color of YOUR skin, and that is easy to see, but yet I am a racist for pointing it out. You seem to think because my skin is white I must somehow be treated better than those with black skin.....that in itself is hate and separation. You hold yourself back, ONLY YOU, and if you wake up in the morning thinking you have to live a certain way because you are black then without question YOU ARE IN FACT THE PROBLEM! Barack Obama is a black man and he made it to the presidency!! I have always lived in predominantly black neighborhoods, only dated black women, and have 7 children that are multi-racial, and to be honest only once did a white person say anything nehative to us, but in the bkack community I was a devil and a racist! My wife would be called a sell out everyday, my children called the worse names, all by the bkack community! Do I choose to hate them?? Of course not, because racist thinking in black communities far outweighs the same in white communities. If you wake up everyday worried about how another race of people are going to treat you then it is you that is the problem, as racism only affects those that are weak minded and only looking to follow, which racism is just that, a personal problem. If you accept another persons view of you as concrete then without question your ONLY problem is YOU!! Even with that view of yourself I would come out of pocket to help you if you needed it, WITHOUT QUESTION, as I do everyday for ALL RACES because I dont give a shit what the color of someone's skin is!!! There is no white supremacy, and Obama being president proves that in every way, there is only class supremecy, and again Obama as President proves that! I follow nobody but myself, and what I do for others everyday is far more than most do in a lifetime. I am not out helping only white people, in fact I give more to non-whites as you put it!! So tell me how the black governments in Africa are doing anything different than all elected officials here, regardless of skin color? I called you a racist because you blame whites for your sef imposed problems!!! I still see it the same are set in racist views because you have no idea what it takes to be original and self loving! Racism = anything done because of ones skin color!! I love all people, all colors, creeds, handicap and so on and so forth!

After another white female commenter backed up my points of non-whites voting with the Dems and blew up his assertion about Obamacare being evil..
Altruiste Cravens Excuse some of the spelling mistakes , on a smart phone, ha!

Monica Roberts If I was 'ranting' everyone of this timeline would know it.'

Ho hum. Another tactic from the conservative debate playbook. Accuse the Black female you don't agree with of being 'emotional' or ranting' while you, the almighty conservafool whitey
, is 'calm and rational'

Yeah, right.

We're discussing the United States and your already ridiculously easy to debunk assertion that there's no difference between the two parties.

Stop trying to derail the conversation by attacking me, because if it isn't obvious to you already, I'm more than capable of eviscerating every talking point KTRH-AM or Fox Noise broadcasts.

Notice who he continues to attack who disagreed with him instead of the white women who commented on the thread and also disagreed with him. 

Altruiste Cravens Majority of the American population is white, and without the white vote Obama never becomes president. 93% of blacks voted for Obama, what that tells me is that because he is a black man black folks voted for him. Reality is this, Obama Played minorities like a drum, just as every president elect does!

Altruiste Cravens It is pointless to argue between the two parties because I am a follower of neither, and to put myself into either category would show nothing but how good I can follow others as they make laws that only hurt the taxpayer!!

It's pointless to argue it because you already lost that argument, then compounded your loss by attacking me...

Monica Roberts No, Racism is a SYSTEMIC problem. You are, like many conservative white males, believing the Fox Noise hype and deliberately trying to conflate racism with prejudice.

Thank you for trying to play that predictable game, but not happening on my watch

Once again since you missed this in Sociology 101

Racism is the systematic discrimination, denial of rights and benefits by whites against non-whites in all areas of human activity. (economics, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war).

Gee, no wonder conservafools want to try to keep that part quiet about racism requiring power to turn your prejudices into policy.

See ALEC, the Republican Party and the conservative movement, the conservafool majority on the SCOTUS, fundie preachers, GOP majorities in state legislatures fir the all to numerous examples of what I'm talking about.

Non white people do not and never have had the power in American history to turn our prejudices into societal public policy deleterious to whites because we lack the power element. As we have seen over the last 150 years of American history, whites will do whatever they can up to and including near genocidal level of murder, unjust laws, police repression and restricting our right to vote to keep it from happening.

Altruiste Cravens Racism is the systematic discrimination, denial of rights and benefits by whites against non-whites in all areas of human activity. (economics, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war). That is the most ridiculous and racist statement I have ever read.....Stupidest statement I have ever read! Racist!!! Altruiste Cravens I didn't know only white folks can be racists!!Guess I struck a vanillacentric privileged nerve. 

Altruiste Cravens Because I am white You say I am racist or inherently can take that shit somewhere else!
Monica Roberts You Altruiste, engaged in the knee jerk reaction of erroneously calling me a racist and made prejudicial judgments about me because I pointed out the error in your assertion that there's no difference between the two parties.

You did so despite me
expressing my lived experiences as an African-American Texan and expressing my opinion just like you did.

So naw, I didn't have to call you a racist,. nor was it my intent to do so. All I was doing was simply pointing out you were in error asserting that there's no difference between the two parties.

You were the one who microaggressively went there, thus putting me in the position of having to call your vanillacentic privileged ass out., debunk your loud and wrong assertion,and giving me the opportunity to school you on the Sociology 101 you missed.

Note, it isn't Black or Latino legislators proposing or passing Voter suppression laws or policies designed to suppress non white people's right to vote, it's people who look like you. It wasn't a judge who looked like me who eviscerated Nikki's marriage or denied her and Will their legal right to get a marriage license in Harris County, it was a bigoted GOP judge and county clerk who looked like you.

It isn't people who look like me who are leading the organizations opposed to the human rights of LGBT people here and world wide, once again they are bankrolled, funded, supported and led by people who look like you.

I am more than aware as a student of history there are righteous whites who played roles in the abolitionist movements, the civil rights one and various liberation movements today. The NAACP you conservatives demonize has white founders. But I also must point out there are many whites who seem to have an almost gleeful tendency to want to oppress other people who don't look like you.

And expressing that inconvenient fact is not 'racism' It's truth telling.

And far too many people who look like you are silent about what those oppressors are doing or by your votes for Republican candidates or being 'proud conservatives', support their oppression of others.

Class dismissed.

Altruiste Cravens
You showed your racist bullshit by saying that only whites are racist!!!! That is the most racist shit I have ever heard!! Who look like me?? Racist remark!! Do you think for one second that because my skin is white I am somehow not treated like a second class citizen?? You keep classifying me as if I belong to a group other than humanity, and that in itself is blatantly racist!

Monica Roberts You still aren't getting it?

Racism=prejudice plus systemic power and is a SYSTEMIC issue.

Expressing the inconvenient truth there are some whites who seem to have an almost gleeful tendency to want to oppress other people who don't look like them (see GOP legislature for example) and having non-whites calling them on it is not 'racism', it's truth telling.

And here he comes with the 'I'm a human being' line:

Altruiste Cravens I consider myself a human being, not a white human being, A HUMAN BEING! I grew up poorer than you could ever fathom, lived in abandoned buildings with white parents!!!!! Instead of blaming the predominantly black neighborhood we lived in we dealt with it as humans should do when everything seems to be against you. Rather than blaming everybody but ourselves we came out of it without any help from the community we lived in. We were considered the scourge of the neighborhood because we were white, and yet had as little as everyone else did!! We were stolen from constantly, assaulted and spit on almost everyday for being white!! When have white folks ever done that to you?? Here is what I know for certain

Monica Roberts POC calling your ass out for stating you are wrong for saying theirs no difference between the two parties does not equal to 'Monica is a racist' as you are loudly and wrongly asserting here.

and it is racist of you, oh vanillacentric privileged white male to even write something so massively stupid for all of Facebook and the world to see.

Altruiste Cravens Fuck racist thoughts, they only and always lead to hate!!

Monica Roberts We are all human beings but by dint of you being born a male human being with white skin, you have power and privilege that I will NEVER have.

I don't have the luxury of ever forgetting that point like you obviously do.

Altruiste Cravens Racism/prejudice is for simple the simple minded!! A Black man is President so stop acting like you cant achieve greatness too!! You are holding yourself back, not a single white person is doing that to you unless you allow it to, which is obvious in your words!!Monica Roberts Um no, Racism=prejudice plus systemic power and is a SYSTEMIC issue.Altruiste Cravens You do have the luxury of it because you are a human being, but you choose to allow others to keep you from it!! All your fault, you hold the blame! I have white skin and so you choose to look at me like a devil, and I see you as a lost human being stuck in a world that you hate! Monica Roberts Um no, I am an unapologetically Black human being, and walking around in this society as a Black female has a set of problems you do not and have so far shown yourself to be unwilling to understand
Altruiste Cravens If you have accomplished these things then how again are ONLY White People holding you back??? It seems to me that your education didnt keep you from being so hateful toward white folks. I myself have done nothing to you, but you keep saying White People are the reason you wake up everyday hating them???

Monica Roberts Telling the inconvenient truth about some whites gleefully oppressing non-whites does not equal to hatred of white people

Monica Roberts and How do I achieve despite the odds stacked against me? Glad you asked that question The answer starts at 1:21 of this clip

Altruiste Cravens
and I am unapologetically a human being.....the difference being I choose not to separate myself from all other humanity, regardless of color!!

Monica Roberts A human being clueless that the white skin he's born with gives him power and privilege above the rest of us on the societal totem pole.

So once more

Racism=prejudice plus systemic power and is a SYSTEMIC issue.

Expressing the inconvenient truth there are some whites who seem to have an almost gleeful tendency to want to oppress other people who don't look like them and having non-whites calling them on it is not 'racism', it's truth telling.

Altruiste Cravens That doesn't mean squat!! Again, life is solely up to each and every one of us.....

Obvious the video of the Scandal scene I snarliky put up of Rowan scolding Olivia with the speech that every child of African descent has gotten at one time or another in their lives pissed him off

Altruiste Cravens For every video you pull up I can do the same in attempt to make my point, but I prefer to speak for myself, not through the self inflicted wounds of another!!

Altruiste Cravens O don't play the woe is me game, I create my own hsppiness

Altruiste Cravens happiness Altruiste Cravens I have love for you Monica....regardless of our differences in thought

Monica Roberts Ah, another derailing point doomed to failure in the 'I don't play the woe is me game'

This isn't a game You still have no (and have shown you don't want to)  answer the points that A: By dint of birth in a white male body and white skin , you are
at the top of the societal power chain.

B: Your white skin carries advantages that will NEVER accrue to a non white person

C: Your status as a white male and the white privilege on display for the Facebook world to see gives you an air of authority that you have consistently tried to use in this thread to derail the conversation, belittle, erase, and marginalize anything I have to say, especially since the Black woman has already proven you wrong on the initial point that I took to this thread to correct you on that there is no difference between the two parties.

You made this about race, not I.

Altruiste Cravens
Silly Rabbit.....your words before I ever said a word about any race, and again I quote you, "There's no such thing as Democrapublicans. Any non-white American undeniably knows for a fact there is a difference between the two parties." That education sure didn't cover memory now did it?!?!Altruiste Cravens My status as a human........Only you see my skin!

Monica Roberts You made about skin color when you said this, oh Almighty Whitey...

You flat out live with a racist mindset shows in your statements! I don't feel sorry for you because of your "Non-White Pumps", especially since a BLACK MAN is President in a country that Supposedly hates black skin!!!!!!!!!!!!. You hold yourself back racially by your statements alone.

I made my statement based on my lived experience in an America that has demonized people like me for 4 centuries and you not only flippantly dismissed it, you accused me of being 'racist' on top of it.

So obviously skin color matters to your 'I'm just a human' ass, otherwise you wouldn't have responded that way.

I'm unapologetically Black. Being proud of that fact, my people, and my culture does not equal to 'I hate White people.'

Altruiste Cravens I am just a human says only one thing, and that is I think myself no better or worse than any other human being, of which I believe all people belong to. Where does that say I am Almighty Whitey?? My people????? That is racist......being proud of your skin as you blame white skin is racist!!! For an "Educated" Woman you sure do not understand the importance of coming together as one race, the human race, which is the only real race on this planet, the Human Race, of which we ALL belong to. It is each person that separates themselves, not a skin color!

After Nikki and two other people po in to comment , there he goes again with these comments:

ltruiste Cravens
Thank you her words only whites are racist so I appreciate you clearing that up...

Altruiste Cravens And so you know Monica Roberts, I have done more for black communities in the last 2 years than you will most likely do, or be willing to do! From buying homes to those who have lost them in fires, to buying educational materials(school supplies, books, etc,), to feeding the to sit here and say I have some kind of white power over any race is just plain stupid! The vast majority of people I help happen to be black, that isn't because I chose it to be that way, it is simply a void in lives at that time. I choose to live with very little because I give so much away, but I have the ability to do so because I MADE IT HAPPEN without help from anybody, I became successful in my past business ventures strictly to help others regardless of what they look like. Now I am able to see what I am on this earth for because I don't have separatist thinking that would keep me from doing as much as I do. My children understand this, even with a black mother they understand the importance of UNITY amongst all human beings! For any of my children to grow up thinking they don't belong would be my fault if I raised them to see the differences that you see! You certainly have the freedom to think as you wish, and as I see it you are part of the problem when it comes to racial issues in this country because like so many other people, you seem to think skin color is a crutch, be it white, black, brown, yellow, olive or otherwise!!! Our minds are our true prison, not people!!!
Monica Roberts Before you go there and step to me with that line, better hit Google and check yourself and that white privilege you're swimming in with that 'I do more for the Black community than you ever will' line.

Just because you do stuff for my community doesn't necessarily insulate you from being a bigot or a racist. Strom Thurmond fathered a Black daughter, paid her way through college and yet still was until his death an unrepentant segregationist who worked mightily to keep that black daughter and everyone else in the African-American community living under Jim Crow segregation.

I am a Kentucky Colonel and the only African-American Texan to win the IFGE Trinity Award, a 2013 Trans 100 Honoree and have an advocacy award named for me by Black Transmen, Inc . I have been lobbing for human rights issues since 1998 here, in Texas, in Louisville and in Washington DC and have served on the boards of multiple organizations in Texas and Kentucky.

I have lectured at colleges across this city and this country on transgender and other human rights issues, done panel discussions on these issues and was a co-host on KPFT-FM's After Hours from 1999-2001

Last week I spoke at a vigil for Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson on the UH campus and was there last night to support those students efforts to pass a measure that seeks to have the University of Houston follow its existing EEO and non discrimination policy by allowing trans* UH students to update their university identification with their preferred name, discerned gender and titles. I was a co-chair of one of the subcommittees helping put together the recently held and majorly successful Creating Change Conference I have spoken to Houston City Council twice this year alone in trying to get a comprehensive Houston Human Rights Ordinance passed

And naw, I ain't feeling the so called love you allegedly have for me when two white females pointed out you were wrong on assertions you've made in this thread, and not a vitriolic word was hurled in their direction.

But let my unapologetically Black behind do the same thing, and you go to enormous fauxgressive and racist lengths to attack me for doing so


And at this point , that when I exited that thread and eventuall blocked his ass after he showed his ass some more  .  Another day, another run in with a clueless fauxgressive.  

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