Sunday, April 06, 2014

Isis Coming To H-town For WorldFest!

Well well, looks like I'll finally get that opportunity to give my sis that hug I promised her a few years ago.

The 47th annual WorldFest Houston Film Festival started yesterday at  the AMC 30 just west of the Galleria and runs though April 13.  When I lived over on the southwest side of town that theater was one of my fave places to watch a movie, but now that I'm on the other side of town I actually have movie theaters downtown and in Greenway Plaza that are closer to where I live now.    

Photo by Miss Ross in ChicagoI found out that one of the movies WorldFest will be screening this year is Hello Forever starring a certain New York based girl like us I know and owe a hug.   

Yes, I know it shocks some of you, but as I keep reminding you peeps, Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, has culture and it's predominately a liberal-progressive oasis in the red and soon to be purple state. 

WorldFest also happens to be one of the oldest independent film and video festivals in the world.

Isis shot Hello Forever two years ago in the Philippines.  It is now having its debut during Worldfest at 9 PM Monday night and is up for several awards.

Since little sis is coming to H-town for it, I'm definitely planning on taking my behind there to see her and the movie.  

It'll also give me a reason to attend WorldFest for the first time ever as well.

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