Thursday, April 03, 2014

Safe Bathrooms DC To Launch Today

As you've noticed, with all the 'bathroom predator' lies and shade throw by TERF and our right wing opponents in their morally bankrupt attempts to stop trans inclusive laws and hate on us, it has had the result of causing more drama for trans people of color when we simply go to the bathroom to relieve ourselves as the Andraya Williams case is the most recent example of.

Later this evening at Casa Ruby LGBT Community will be launching in conjunction with the DC Office of Human Rights the Safe Bathrooms DC campaign in order to remind everyone in the District that single stall restrooms must be gender neutral by law.

Public bathrooms are never enjoyable, but for transgender people and many others, using a public bathroom can be a highly stressful and even dangerous experience. In the District of Columbia, we are attempting to reduce that stress by making every single-stall public bathroom in the District gender-neutral. It’s the law, but currently many businesses are unaware of the requirement, and we need your help to let them know. Join us on Thursday, April 3, 2014 to find out what you can do, and to see the unveiling of our new ads.

For those of you who live in the District and wish to attend, the kickoff event with free food starts at 5:30 PM EDT at Casa Ruby, located at 2822 Georgia Av, NW.   RSVP isn't required but would be appreciated and I know they will be happy to see you there for the launch of the #safebathroomsDC campaign..

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