Friday, April 04, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards- It's April, Fool! Edition

Today is the first Friday in April, and there's a lot going on connected with this April 4 date.  

Today happens to be the 20th anniversary of the day I began my physical transition.  It's also sadly the 46th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The men's and women's NCAA Final Fours are taking place this weekend in Arlington, TX at the Jerrydome and for the women in Nashville. 

Only one of my men's March Madness picks survived the NCAA tournament run and it was Florida.  But two made it to the Elite 8 and one to the Sweet 16.  

As usual I did better on the women's side with two of my four surviving to play in Nashville.  The two who survived are unbeaten UConn and unbeaten Notre Dame who I picked to be in the title game.

And oh yes, it's time to slam dunk four more Final Four Fools and see which one is cutting down the net and claiming the championship level titles of hypocrisy, ignorance, and jaw dropping level stupidity.

Final Four Fool number one is Brian B-DAHT McLaughlin, who put homophobic tweets up slamming the candidacy for Mr. WSSU of openly gay junior student Aaron McCorkle.  When he got called on it by me and others in the media ranks about it along with advocates, defiantly changed his name to Teflon DAHT before apologizing for the tweets

Guess that Teflon wasn't as protective as he thought it would be.

Final Four Fool number two is the GOP majority on the SCOTUS for another jacked up ruling on the McCutcheon vs FEC case that guts the campaign finance rules, builds on the insanity of Citizens United and lets the 1% spend as much money as they want on political campaigns. 

Final Four fool number three is Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte that got an 'F' in respecting the human rights of Andraya Williams, then tried to lie and stonewall their way out of it probably hoping it would blow over.   Protest started at about an hour ago and looks like CPCC will be explaining themselves to a federal judge soon. 

Final Four Fool number four is Hobby Lobby for suing the federal government concerning the ACA's federal contraception mandate because it is against their 'religious principles', while hypocritically investing in companies that produce those same contraception drugs. 

Our winner this week is a joint award for sportscasters Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton for going off the rails into male chauvinist pig territory when they criticized New York Mets baseball player Daniel Murphy for missing the first three days of the new 2014 MLB season to be with his wife for the birth of their child.

Seriously?  There are 162 games in a baseball season and the right to take up to 3 days of paternity league is part of the 2011 CBA.  And childbirth is not a given that it will go smoothly. 

And it not like the world was going to end because David Murphy wasn't on the field for the last few days.

Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, shut up fools!

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