Monday, April 07, 2014

Tired Of Black TBLG Women Getting Harassed For Going To The Bathroom

Had a nice conversation with Andraya Williams Saturday in which she reminded me we'd met when I was in Charlotte in 2012 to deliver the keynote speech for the TransFaith In Color conference. 

The subject then turned to the battle she and her attorney Sarah Demarest are currently fighting with Central Piedmont Community College.

Appears as though the CPCC peeps seem to think that if they keep stonewalling instead of coming to grips with the fact they have seriously screwed up by disrespecting Andraya and resolving the matter, this will all go away.

Umm hmm, keep thinking that.   The more you stonewall, the more you piss people off to where this will escalate into you having to deal with your transphobic sins in federal court and probably paying for them.

The well attended protest that occurred Friday should have been a wake up call, so CPCC, I would urge you to expeditiously apologize to Ms.Williams,discipline the security officers involved, get busy enacting non discrimination policies that cover sexual orientation and gender identity, and create some clearly marked and designated gender neutral bathrooms.

You can either do that now or pay Ms. Williams much more in cash later.
One of the things I told Andraya was she isn't the first transwoman to face anti-trans harassment over the bathroom, and sadly won't be the last one. I pointed out this crap happened to Tyjanae Moore in 2010 at the Houston Public Library downtown location instigated just like in her case, by a transphobic security guard.   Another incident happened to a transgender UHD student last year that led to gender neutral bathrooms being established on their campus.. 

But there have been far too many of these incidents aimed at Black trans, SGL and gender variant women.  There was Khadijah Farmer's 2007 case in New York against the Caliente Cab restaurant.   
No sooner had the ink dried on the settlement agreement in the Farmer case we were hearing about producer Tanya White being thrown out of the posh Beverly Hills Hotel and disrespectfully being called 'it' in September 2007 for using the ladies room while attending a party at the hotel for actress LisaRaye McCoy.

In Arkansas Kaye Bowens was fired from her job because somebody had a problem with her using the ladies room. 

Bottom line is we transwomen of all ethnic backgrounds are beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of being harassed and in some cases violently confronted by cis people just for going to the damn bathroom. 

We've got to poop and piss too, so let my trans people do that in peace, will you?  Or is your need to bully and oppress somebody that deep seated?  

Y'all also need to stop believing the 'bathroom predator' woof tickets the right wing is selling you peeps because they have no logic and reason based argument to justify their opposition to trans human rights laws.        

All that I or any transwoman does when we go potty is the same thing you do.  Poop, piss and wash our hands when we're done.   We don't need your harassment aimed at us because you have insecurities you haven't dealt with yet and you want to feel like Mr. Big Cis Man or Ms. Big Cis Woman by messing with us. 

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