Friday, April 25, 2014

LGBT Community Town Hall Tomorrow On Houston ERO

As I mentioned earlier in the week the language for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance was released by Mayor Parker.   Now the fun of getting it passed and defending it against the almost certain effort to repeal it via ballot referendum has started. 

City Councilmember Michael Kubosh is holding an LGBT Community Town Hall tomorrow at 3 PM at Haven's Place, 1827 W. Alabama.  

Would be nice if we have a big turnout for this because Council Kubosh leans conservative and he's been getting major push from the haters and Dave Welch's Pastor's Council to vote NO.   

Since Kubosh has an at-large seat, he does have to at least listen to what we TBLG Houstonians have to say about the ERO, and tomorrow will be an opportunity for the Houston LGBT community to present our side of the story.

And as your homework assignment in preparation for this meeting, here's the draft ERO language.

So if you can make it to that location tomorrow, please do so.  Should be an interesting afternoon.     

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