Tuesday, April 15, 2014

About Time The Offensive Trans Slur Terms Were Dropped From 'Drag Race'

It took them long enough, but Logo has pulled the problematic episode of RuPaul's Drag Race featuring the 'female or she-male' sketch.  

In addition, they will no longer use the term 'she-mail' in the show after trans community members and yours truly spoke out and GLAAD met with MTV and Logo
to discuss the issue.

Still boycotting RuPaul's Drag Race, but happy they made the announcement.

To all you predominately white gay menz pissed off they are dropping those offensive to the trans community terms, have several seats and a nice tall appletini flavored glass of STHU.   I'm getting sick of y'all tripping because we transpeeps expressed ourselves about this issue and people actually listened this time.

As I said last month and will repeat, we trans people have every right to call out friend, foe and frenemy who offend us and expect action to be taken on it.  You don't like the fact it was your boy RuPaul, too damned bad.  You don't get to tell us what is and isn't offensive to our community, and it's past time for y'all to deal with that reality.  

For those of you who kept throwing the shady comment 'the trans community has better things to do than call out RuPaul's media transphobia', I call bull feces on that.   I've witnessed far too often the numerous times you gay peeps have straight up acted the fool anytime a straight celeb utters the gay slur words that offend your community. 

It is also the height of vanillacentric privileged cis gay arrogance to presume we trans folks don't have the right to do the same.   

New year, new rules.  As Katie Couric, Piers Morgan, Wendy Williams and now RuPaul have discovered, we trans people are not tolerating ANY disrespect aimed at our community from friend, foe or frenemy.

You can call that 'bullying' all you want.  I call it standing up for our humanity. 

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